Vidrohi 9th December 2021 Written Update: Baxi defends Kalyani

Vidrohi 9th December 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Baxi confronting Radha’s mother for writing a letter to Badamba Naresh to take Kalyani away. She admits her doing and says that she doesn’t trust Kalyani. She proclaims that Kalyani is trying to get close to Baxi and advice him to be aware of her. She declares that it will be better, if he sends Kalyani away as in her age, women’s do get attracted to men’s. Kalyani hears their conversation and feels hurt, while Baxi defends her. He warns Radha’s mother to never speak ill about Kalyani and says that she stays inside his house which means her reputation will directly affects his reputation. Baxi gives a strict warning to Radha’s mother, while latter leaves from there being irked.

Here, Radha’s mother goes towards Radhamani and ask her to send Kalyani to her father as fast as she can. She tries to provoke Radha against Kalyani stating that latter tries to stick with Baxi, but Kalyani denies to believe it. She makes her mother understand about Kalyani and ask her to trust her.

Kalyani comes towards Baxi and smiles at him. She insists him to teach her some fighting moves and reminds about their deal. She says that he have to teach her in order to fight against the Britishers. They both takes the sword and starts practicing. Meanwhile, mistakenly Kalyani falls down and Baxi falls upon her.

Elsewhere, Radhamani gives Aarti to the house and roams inside each of the rooms. She keeps thinking about her mother’s words. She enters inside the practicing room and gets shocked seeing Baxi and Kalyani in compromising position. Whereas, Baxi suddenly gets up and starts scolding Kalyani for not paying proper attention in the fight. He says that she can never win the fight like this and keeps shouting at her.

Radhamani leaves from there and thinks that her mother should have watch how Baxi was scolding Kalyani, as then only she would have realised that there is nothing in between them. Whereas, Kalyani smiles looking at Baxi and ask him to teach her how to gives there full focus in fight. She says that she is thinking about something else and keeps staring at him. While, at that time a soldier comes there and takes Baxi away.

Ahead, Radhamani gets inside Kalyani’s room and wishes that she could tell her mother about Kalyani being married, so that she will stop suspecting her. Meanwhile, she mistakenly burns Kalyani’s clothes and gets worried. Subarna and Kalyani also comes there, while Radha apologises to her. Kalyani consoles Radha and ask her not to worry for just some clothes.

Radha insists Kalyani to wear her clothes till she gets new pair of dresses. Meanwhile, Radha gets a nightmare thinking about Kalyani and Baxi’s closeness. She wakes up with a jerk and tries to find Baxi. Whereas, Kalyani keeps thinking about how Baxi defended her. She smiles remembering him and stares at the sky.

Further, Baxi sees Kalyani from backside and mistook her as Radha. He goes towards her and back hugs her stating that he was looking for her since so long. He expresses his love for her, while Kalyani gets elated. At that time Radha comes there and gets shocked seeing them. She comes near them, while Baxi leaves Kalyani immediately realising his mistake. Kalyani also turns and faces Radha, while latter looks at both of them being hurt.

Precap:- Baxi apologises to both Radhamani and Kalyani for his mistake and tries to explain himself to Radha. Meanwhile, Radha stops him and questions that how he mistook Kalyani as her just because of a mere saree? She states that she thought he can feel her presence but gets hurt when he couldn’t able to differentiate in between her and Kalyani.

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