Vidya 7th December 2019 Written Update: Vivek takes the responsibility of Vidya’s marriage

The episode starts with Dharma visiting Vivek. He apologizes for disturbing him. Dharma apologizes for his family’s attitude towards them. Vivek asks if he needs any help will help him for his treatment. dharma says that he came to give back the money and gives him. He says that he wanted to right every thing before leaving and that’s why he’s here. He says that he came to talk about Vidya’s second marriage. Vivek says that how can he make Vidya agree for another marriage. Dharma says that Vidya already agreed for the marriage. Vivek and his mom gets shocked hearing it. Vivek asks what’s the problem then. He says Nanku and he wants Vivek to stand against Nanku. He says what Jagat did to the groom. Vivek’s mother recalls Nanku’s words and fears for her son’s life.

Dharma says about the ram away groom. He says that now it’s only him who can help him. His mother tries denying but Vivek’s stops her. He says he will do the duty of a friend. Vivek promises Dharma to get the groom’s family safe. Dharma leaves thanking him. Dharma says Parvati ya about Vivek helping them and Vidya hears it. Vidya is drowned In Vivek’s thoughts and so is Vivek. Vivek cries remembering her.

Vivek’s mother sees him upset and tries lifting his mood. She asks if he’s thinking about Vidya. Why’s he punishing himself. He says that he has to as Vidya called her backstabber. He says he couldn’t tolerate it and want to fulfil his duty of a friend. He hugs his mother and cries on her shoulders.

Vidya’s groom’s driver gets spot by Jagat. Before he could reach him Vivek stops him. Vivek warns Jagat that he’s with Vidya and will get her married for sure. He calls inspector and shoos them away. The groom gets down the car and asks what’s happening here. Vivek introduces himself and the groom introduces himself as Sandeep. Vivek reasons that villagers don’t want Vidya to get married again as she’s a widow. The groom rubbishes it off.

Vidya hallucinates Vivek everywhere. Vidya feels suffocated. Dharma blesses Vidya. Vidya says she don’t want to start her new life with a lie and asks him to inform about her being uneducated. She wants to continue to work even after marriage. Dharma says that he agreed for it. Car comes.

Sandeep enters followed by Vivek. Vidya gets shocked seeing him. Vivek looks painfully at her.

Precap : Vidya and Sandeep converse in front of Vivek. Sandeep says that he has a six year old daughter and wants her to accept her. He asks about her opinion. She says that she goes with her in law’s wish. Vivek gets hurt hearing it and alliance gets finalized.