Vidya Written Update 19th November 2019: Vivek’s desperate efforts to enter the party

The episode starts with Vidya welcoming everyone in English. She feels bad for the kids who are working. She’s waiting for Vivek. Vivek is disguising himself. Avtaar calls Vivek and informs about his doubt. He says that he’s conducting the party so that anyone can easily catch him. Vivek agrees with Avtaar and cuts the call. Vivek is sure that something terrible is going to happen. Nanku’s men rakes some secret boxes inside. He informs Nanku Singh about the arrival. He opens the box to find bombs in it. Nanku says that Vivek wouldn’t have even thought about what’s going to happen ti him. He instructs his men and is waiting for Vivek to end his life.

Ranjhana asks Nanku why didn’t Vivek didn’t come yet. Nanku asks her to wait. He says that when Vidya is here Vivek will also be here. Vivek enters dressed as a South Indian and speaks in Tamil. Security stops him and says that he’s friend of Nanku. Security didn’t get convinced and keeps enquiring and asks his name. He says that he’s Anna. He says Vidya knows him and Vidya looks looks at him confused. Security asks about Vivek to Vidya and she says that she doesn’t know him. He asks him to leave and Vivek looks furious at Vidya. Vidya wonders about it.

Vivek is upset that Vidya didn’t identify him. He’s pissed about not able to enter the party. He sees balloon seller and gets an idea. Avtaar visits Nanku’s house. He asks about Amma hi. Jagat says that she’s still in coma and sends him off. Avtaar smells something fishy. Avtaar while sees Amma ji awake and realizes that she’s out of coma.

Party starts and Vidya smiles seeing kids dancing. Nanku’s men sends them out as they are not working. Nanku sees bomb boxes taken inside. He calls the terrorists to start their work after an hour. He asks them to make sure that Vivek leaves as a dead body. Ranjhana is doubtful about Vivek’s visit but Nanku is sure. He says that he will definitely come and will get caught too. In the meantime Avtaar tries sneaking into Nanku’s house.

Vivek disguises as old balloon seller and security again stops them. He says that he knows Vidya ji. The security once asks Vidya if she knows him but she once again says no shocking Vivek. He says that it’s only him who knows her. He says that her in laws sent him here. He lies about Dharma’s health. Vidya gets tensed and leaves. Avtaar diverts security with fire and immediately hides seeing Jagat. Amma ji and Kalandi worries about what’s about to happen when Avtaar comes there.

 Vivek reveals to Vidya his identity. He scolds her for not sending him inside. He is upset with her dumbness. He asks why didn’t he she let him inside and asks if she doesn’t want to help him. Vivek blames her for not letting him inside because of dream. Vidya shouts at him and leaves. Vivek apologizes Vidya but she leaves upset.

Precap : Vivek enters the part and terrorists surround Vidya