With Republic Day just around the corner, our telly actors tell us what they want to change in the nation!.

With Republic Day just around the corner, our telly actors tell us what they want to change in the nation!.

Krishna Bharadwaj: I think reservation should be banned. I think that real talent should be given jobs and work. Merit should be according to the potential and efficiency of the person and not according to caste. Because of the reservation system, a lot of talented and deserving people don’t get work.

Khalid Siddiqui: What I wanted to change is already done by the of article 377. Everyone should have the freedom to choose their partners, irrespective of gender It’s all about our individuality, our choice, and our thoughts and preference. So, I think no one should judge others.

Rohitashv Gour: I want the laws of the country with regard to the punishment of rape cases to be stricter. I think the juvenile laws suggest that the accused should be sent for reformation. That is sometimes not a good solution. You can take the example of Nirbhaya case where the culprit, after doing such a heinous crime, is only sent for rehabilitation. I think for such crimes they should be given death penalty.

Kishori Shahane Vij: All Indians should have equal rights in our constitution, irrespective of gender, caste or creed, in all aspects of life. I also think there should be three genders; male, female and transgender.

Moon Banerrjee: I would want to tweak certain things as per today’s day and age on a generic level, nothing specific. Maybe considering the mindset of today’s generation where marriage is not a happening scene, if two people want to be together, they should be allowed to do that. Basically, live-in relationships should be legal.

Arjun Bijlani: I think the government should frame laws which enforce girl child education as a compulsory obligation on the parents.

Mohammad Nazim: I think laws should be made on population control and severely enforced on the citizens otherwise the developing nature of the country will lead to no results. The more the population, the fewer resources must be used to continue in a sustainable environment.

Abhishek Tewari: I feel the most important change would be providing absolutely free education till 12th standard for all and linking it up with a job after, is a must to improve the education system. And also including yoga, meditation, and theater culture in the syllabus for better conditioning of overall personality of underprivileged children. This will give enough opportunities to potentially educate children and provide good enough future for their families who are unable to provide education to their children and a lot of country’s potential is lost. So this can be the key to the liberation of an education free India.

Saurabh Pandey: Government has come up with the plan of segregating wet and dry waste which is a great idea but I would like to know is what would they do after it is collected and how they will dispose and incinerate it so that it is eco friendly, I request government to set up recyclable plants which could help garbage to dispose properly in an eco- friendly way because there is a lot of plastic if it is not disposed properly like batteries and other chemicals which can cause harm to the environment that is something which should be looked upon seriously. Anyways our environment is at threat and global warming is at it’s peak, poles are shifting at a much greater speed. As we have such a big population we must keep a close eye on this.

Jasmin Bhasin: I would want the government to make the laws for crime against women more strict. The decision should be speedy keeping in mind that it is not misused against. anybody.

Garima Jain I would want the government to take specific measures against people who are violating the environment so that the national integrity remains intact. Plastic ban is implemented and still people are using plastics.

Ansh Bagri: I think the government should form certain groups to educate citizens about their rights and duties so that the citizens don’t remain aloof to their individual rights and the responsibilities towards the country. I think basic education about the current affairs and government policies benefiting the citizens should properly be propagated.