Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th September 2022 Written Update: Saroj leaves no chance to turn Rashmi against Sayuri.

Woh Toh Hai Albela 13th September 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Sayuri apologizing for being late. Saroj taunts her but Kusum supports Sayuri. Saroj mocks Sayuri and insults her. Kusum tries to stop her but Saroj questions Sayuri’s intentions. She accuses Sayuri for stealing their business as a revenge for snatching her father’s rights. Dhanraj and Kanha were discussing about business when Dhanraj recalls Saroj’s words. Dhanraj says that Saroj didn’t like Sayuri taking care of the business. He asks him to not lose his morals no matter what and stand for the right.

Kusum tries supporting Sayuri but Saroj continued accusing her family. Sayuri asks her not to include her mother or Grandmother in this. She says that they never had such intentions in their mind ever. Saroj suddenly starts acting innocent when Sayuri gets confused. She asked what’s she saying when she hears Rashmi say Sayuri that how could she speak so rudely with Saroj.

Saroj thinks that in kitchen it’s only her wish that happens unlike the other places in the house. Rashmi says that whatever she would’ve wanted to say she could’ve said it with politeness. Saroj lies that she wanted Sayuri to rest as she already has so much work pressure on her shoulder but Sayuri misunderstood her. Kusum was also shocked with Saroj twisting her words. Rashmi asks her to go while she will help Saroj and Kusum. Sayuri leaves upset.

Sayuri comes out to find Kanha who hugs her and consoles her. Sayuri asks him to not misunderstand but she just wants to make peace with Saroj. She says that she just wants to take care of business as he and Dhanraj entrusted it with her and its her father’s wish also. However she says that she wanted some support from Saroj too and asks what could she do about it.

Kanha asks her to not do anything. He says that sometimes it’s better to not say anything to avoid problems. Rashmi comes there and Kanha is about to go to her but Sayuri stops him asking him not to. Kanha says it’s necessary to solve few things then and there and apologizes for intruding between sisters. He goes to Rashmi and says that she should trust her sister more than anyone. He asks them to speak out and resolve their differences.

Rashmi leaves with Sayuri. Saroj brings Prasad for Kanha who leaves taunting her. Saroj’s hatred for Sayuri increases. Rashmi’s accuses Sayuri for involving Kanha in sisters matter. She doesn’t listen to her and continues accusing her for disrespecting Saroj. Sayuri will be shocked with her accusations. She will say Rashmi that no matter what she always considered Saroj her mother and will continue doing so.

She asks her to think whatever she want to believe and Rashmi leaves angrily. Saroj buys mud to make Ganesh Idol and wants Rashmi and Nakul to make it but Dhanraj makes it clear that only Sayuri and Kanha will make it. Kanha sees upset Sayuri and hugs her to comfort her.

Precap : Rashmi will accuse Sayuri for not respecting Saroj after taking over business. Her grandmother will wonder what did Saroj do to bind her eyes with lies. Rashmi will stand against her mother and grandmother too and will ask them to not say bad about Saroj shocking them.

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