Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th January 2020 written update: Rudraksh gets doubtful on Yuvraj and Preesha

Episode begins with GPS is asking Yuvraj that if there is any other surprises left for the day? Yuvraj says this is enough for today. All of them are back to getting ready for the engagement party.

Bunty brings Rudraksh at the house of Preesha and they ask him to bring me here. Bunty says I genuinely love bubbles and I don’t want to leave at all and Preesha made me realise this. Rudraksh says I cannot become friend of Preesha. She made me do crazy things and always does damage to my sanity of mind.

Bubbles comes out with pressure and pressure gets annoyed to see Rudraksh is standing there. Bubbles comes and ask her to be friendly with Rudraksha for the sake of her and Bunty. Bunty says to Prashant that just like Bubbles is your best friend Rudraksh is also my best friend and he always stays with me. Preesha and Rudraksh are giving each other death glare.

Suddenly Rudraksh noticed the necklace in the neck of Preesha. He gets reminded that it is the same necklace which his sister in law was looking for in the morning. He goes inside with Bunty and Bubbles after talking to them and congratulating them for being one.

Saransh get ready for the mehendi function and says I did my hairstyle just like Rudraksh because I wanted to be like him, junior Rudraksh. GPS comes out and sees Rudraksh is in their house and Rudraksh behaves in a very normal way with all of them. In the meantime, he went to pressure and asks her about the necklace.

Vasudha calls the mehendi lady who says she is at the place of Khuranas for the function. Vasudha decides to go there personally and bring back the mehendi lady for the function.

Rudraksh asked pressure from where did she get the necklace as it is the same one which his sister in law was looking for in the morning because apparently it went missing. Pressure asks him what are you trying to say? I stole the necklace from your house? Rudraksha says you are enough intelligent to get what I am trying to say and then he says I don’t like to create chaos so just take out the necklace and give it to me and I will go from here.

Yuvraj comes there and tries to threaten Rudraksh but he asks for any money receipt or other documents which can prove that he brought this necklace.

Yuvraj shows a fake receipt to him but Rudraksh gets doubtful because the design of the necklace was exclusive and it was only one piece at the store. He somehow get hold of the receipt and decides to do investigation about it .

Vasudha comes at Khurana house to call the mehendi lady and stops her from doing so. Vasudha says that guests are arrived at her house already and if she doesn’t go now then functions will not get started. Ahana mocks her by showing fake concern and says if you want to take her out then I will let you go but before that you have to do something to make the guest of our functions happy only then I will be able to cancel my event for your sake. She asks Vasudha to sing in front of all and also do modern dance so that they can get entertained. Vasudha feels humiliated in front of all and she got teary eyed as she doesn’t understand what to do. At the end moment Rudraksh comes and says she will not sing in front of all.

Precap – Rudraksh conference Rajiv about the blackmailing and 5 crore rupees. Yuvraj becomes the judge of High Court.