Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th November 2022 Written Update: Rudraksh and Pihu’s haldi ceremony

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sharda looks after the decorations of haldi ceremony. Ruhi tells Saaransh that arrangements has been started and what is his plan. Saaransh tells her that he has a plan. He shows the chandelier to her saying that they will make it fall on Rudraksh and Preesha. She asks him that what if anything happened to them. He asks her to wait and watch. Preesha comes downstairs. Armaan tells her that everything is beautiful. Preesha asks Sharda that what is all this. Sharda informs her that today is Rudraksh’s haldi ceremony and the latter need not to come.

Preesha asks Rudraksh that if he is really getting married. Rudraksh asks her that why she thought he won’t do it. Sharda tells Preesha that the latter don’t have any rights to question Rudraksh. She says that Preesha did what she wanted to do and Rudraksh can move on in his life and leaves from there.

Preesha congratulates Rudraksh. Pihu asks her to not do anything to ruin the ceremony. Preesha goes upstairs with Armaan. After some time, Rudraksh sits on the stage. Sharda applies haldi on him. Ruhi tells Saaransh that if Preesha won’t come downstairs then their plan will be flopped.

Preesha thinks that destiny never let her stay with Rudraksh. Armaan tells her that they should go downstairs to enjoy like other people. She tells him that they can’t go there. He drags her from there. She notices that chandelier is shaking. She learns that decorator is planning to tie it tight. She screams Rudraksh name to warn him but due to loud music no one could hear her. She runs downstairs and saves him before chandelier falls on him. Flowers falls on them. She asks him that if he is fine. He nods at her. He asks her that if she is fine. She nods at him.

Pihu comes there and she gets shocked seeing Rudraksh and Preesha in that position. She drags Preesha and scolds her. Preesha tells her she just saved Rudraksh from chandelier. Pihu says that that’s flower chandelier not glass chandelier. Preesha says that she did not notice that.

Ruhi tells Preesha that her face has haldi. Saaransh says that it looks like it’s Rudraksh and Preesha’s haldi. Pihu tauntingly thanks Preesha. She asks her to not try to do anything to ruin their haldi ceremony. Preesha apologizes to her for coming downstairs. She leaves from there with Armaan.

Preesha tells herself that she should not have went downstairs. She says that her heart is breaking but she can’t do anything. Kids hears her. Ruhi tells Saaransh that his plan worked. Saaransh recalls that how he told decorator to arrange flower chandelier. He also recalls that how he and Ruhi told Armaan that everyone is enjoying downstairs. Ruhi tells Saaransh that Preesha understood that how much she love Rudraksh and now it’s Rudraksh turn. Saaransh tells him that he has plan for that too.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha decides to tell Rudraksh that why she married Armaan. She falls on the staircase. Rudraksh screams Preesha’s name.

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