Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2021 Written Update: Mahima learns that Gautam is alive

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Doctor examines Gautam and says because of Preesha patient is alive now. Gautam thanks Preesha for saving his life. She says she should thank him for helping them by risking his life. Rudraksh asks how it happened because Preesha informed him that he regained his consciousness. Gautam says Mahima injected something on his body.

Preesha says she thought only Mahima can do all this. Rudraksh asks how he knows that it’s Mahima. Gautam says he removed Mahima’s mask and saw her face. Rudraksh asks but how is this possible because he saw that Mahima is sleeping with Saaransh in their house. Gautam says Mahima even threatened him and he tried to stop her from injecting him but because of his weakness he could not able to do anything.

Preesha says Mahima came here in Nurse uniform but she didn’t expected that she will take this much risk. Gautam says Mahima is such a dangerous person and she can do anything to kill him and says he thinks Mahima is behind his accident too. Rudraksh says Mahima was with him when Gautam’s accident happened so someone helping her. He says Gautam is not safe here.

Preesha says Mahima will try to attack Gautam again if she got to know that he is alive then so they has to trap her in her own plan. Rudraksh says they has to take Gautam somewhere, where Mahima can’t reach him and informs about some hotel and apologize to Gautam for troubling him a lot and asks him to help them one last time by becoming bait to catch Mahima because it’s not easy to catch her.

Gautam says Mahima cheated him first now tried to kill him so he won’t leave her until she gets punishment for all her crimes. Mahima comes to Shrinivasan house and says Preesha may blame her but she won’t do anything wrong with her because she is her sister. Preesha acts like Police inspector called her to inform about Gautam’s attack but he survived so he wants to meet her. She assures him that she will reach the hotel to meet Gautam.

Mahima who overheard Preesha’s conversation decides to kill Gautam before he confesses again and leaves from there. Preesha informs Rudraksh that Mahima heard everything so she may come there anytime. Mahima reaches the hotel in guy get up and sees Rudraksh there and sends his fangirls to him. Gautam shocks seeing Mahima in front of him and says he will call Police.

She puts knife on his neck and says she tried to kill him twice but he survived so this time she has to make sure that he dies and was about to attack him but stops hearing Preesha’s voice. Preesha says she recorded everything and tells her to leave him. Mahima asks Preesha to delete the recording otherwise she will kill him so Preesha deletes it to save Gautam. Preesha asks Mahima that why she is playing with everyone’s emotions.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mahima accepts her crimes to Preesha and says she will do the same thing with Rudraksh so Preesha slaps her.

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