Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th October 2020 Written Update: Neerja gets to know about Rahul’s truth

Yeh Hai Chahatein 6th October 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh was drinking alcohol and hallucinate Preesha there and fights with the people. While fighting he breaks the alcohol bottle with his hand and it injures his hand but without caring about it he was keep walking on the road.

In Khurana house Sharda thinks some bad might happen because of her nightmare and calls Rudraksh to know about him. Bar guy attends Rudraksh’s mobile and tells Sharda about his fight and injury. Sharda gets worried for him and thinks to know from Preesha what happened to Rudraksh. Preesha tells her parents that she doesn’t know what happened to Rudraksh, he changed suddenly that he was keep saying she betrayed him for Yuvraj, used him and talked ill about her character, he even hurted her and starts to cry.

Vasudha tries to console her. Gopal says Rudraksh can’t behave like that, he is not that kind of person something would have happened, there must be some reason so they has to know about that reason. He says Rudraksh was with Rahul so for sure he would have said something. Preesha gets a call from Sharda and gets to know everything about Rudraksh. She says he is not with her now and hears his voice from outside,

Sharda too hears it and asks why he is shouting her name. She tells her she will explain everything later and cuts the call. Sharda thinks Rudraksh was angry so to not give her any tension Preesha too cut the call but she has to know that they are fine or not. Rudraksh shouts Preesha’s name and tells her to come outside saying he wants to talk with her. He falls down because he drunk a lot, when  Preesha and Gopal tried to help him he pushes them and stands by himself. Preesha tells him to come inside saying everyone seeing.

Rudraksh says everyone should know about her real face so let them see. She says she is understanding that what happened to him suddenly and notices the injury on his hand and tries to take his hand in her hand but he pushes her hand saying she doesn’t have any rights to touch him, she has lost those rights which shocks her. Gopal’s neighbors says it’s their family matter so they should talk about inside the house not like this and tells them to go inside.

Rudraksh shouts at him saying no one should go inside because everyone should know that Preesha looks innocent but in real she is such a shameless, characterless girl and also a betrayer. He says he used to thought he is such a lucky person that he got her but now know her truth. He says she traps the guys when Gopal tried to stop him, he pushes him saying he talk here only won’t go inside house. Gopal’s neighbors badmouth about Rudraksh and he starts to fight with them too. He says he is going away from Preesha and doesn’t want to see her face too and leaves from there.

Sharda reaches Preesha’s house and gets to know about everything. Preesha says she suspects Rahul and goes to meet him, others goes to search Rudraksh. Rahul and Yuvraj celebrates their next success. Yuvraj hides there before Preesha or Neerja sees him. Preesha confronts Rahul and asks what he said to Rudraksh but he lies to her saying he did nothing. Preesha leaves from there. Neerja sees Yuvraj in her house and hears his conversation with Rahul little bit which shocks her to the core. Vasudha says she is coming to pick Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh meets with accident. Preesha and Sharda shocks seeing Rudraksh in that condition.

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