Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2023 Written Update: Aliya gets arrested

Yeh Hai Chahatein 7th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nayantara asks Samrat that why she will accept specs from him as gift. Samrat convinces her to accept it thinking as loan for Chintu’s sake. She tries many specs and selects the one which Samrat liked it. She and Chintu thanks Samrat. Samrat wonders that why he is smiling and why he is happy in Nayantara’s happiness. Later, Aliya tells Mohit that she thought about his decision and she came to the conclusion that he is right because no use of marriage if there is no love then. She says that they have to tell everything to Samrat and she will handle Samrat. She informs him that they will tell the truth to Samrat in the party and leaves from there.

Ishani asks Nayantara to wear heels. Mohit comes there and tells Ishani that he told everything to Aliya and Aliya is cool about it. Nayantara asks him that if he is sure Aliya is not upset. Mohit nods at her and says that Aliya will handle Samrat too. He says that he did not tell Aliya yet that he love Ishani. They moves from there. Ishani goes to take her phone. Nayantara falls down due to heels. Ishani returns and apologizes to Nayantara.

In the party, Samrat recalls the moments he shared with Nayantara. He wonders that why he is keep thinking about her and leaves from there to divert his mind. Aliya comes there and searches Samrat and Mohit.

Ishani goes to bring ice pack. Mohit helps Nayantara to remove the heels. He pick her up. Aliya calls Kiara and asks her to come fast. Kiara sees Mohit with Nayantara and she tells about it to Aliya. She shows live telecast to her. Aliya says that she won’t spare Mohit and Nayantara. She sees one girl consuming drugs. She steals it and consumes it. She feels dizzy and faints.

After some time, Samrat picks a call and learns that Aliya has been arrested for consuming drugs. Police inspector informs Samrat that Aliya lost her consciousness due to overdose of drugs. He gets worried about Aliya and tells police inspector that he will reach the police station. He reaches the police station and scolds police inspector for arresting Aliya. Police inspector tells him that he should be glad that they treated Aliya. She asks him to bring bail and take Aliya with him because it’s illegal to use drugs in India. He wonders that who is behind all this. He sees Police inspector thanks Nayantara for giving information. Nayantara recalls that how she overheard that when boys were planning to take advantage of a girl using drugs and she called police. She thanks Police inspector for coming on time. She gets shocked seeing Samrat there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Samrat blames Nayantara for Aliya’s arrest. Aliya tells Samrat that Mohit broke up with her and he love Nayantara. Samrat tells her that he will teach a lesson to Nayantara.

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