Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 11th October 2019 Written update: Naira and Vedhika have a heated argument

The scene begins with Karthik and Naira standing outside the office. Karthik asks if he can drop Naira but she declines. He asks if she remembers what happened last night? She says, Let’s forget what happened and good or bad let’s forget. Karthik says and let’s face the fact that we are in the court for custody. Naira says yes apart from Kairav nothing is common.

Naira leaves to get money from the ATM and says that Kairav knows I am here to meet my friend. Vedhika recollects the discussion between Naira and Karthik that they have got married in a drunken state and cries. Naira comes out of the ATM and sees Vedhika crying. She asks what she is doing here. She says I came to give Karthik the papers. She asks why you are not leaving us alone. Naira says I don’t remember. Vedhika says I don’t believe it that you guys are kidnapped since no one asked for a ransom. She says you guys have conveniently found a way to be with each other. Naira asks her to trust me while Vedhika asks I heard the conversation and that you are lying and acting.

Naira asks to shut up without knowing the whole story. She says we were intoxicated as we were injected and honestly don’t know. Vedhika says I won’t trust anyone henceforth. Naira pleads but Vedhika walks away.

Karthik finds Naira and says what took her so long? She asks why you made us stay here since no one gained anything except for problem and difficulties.

Scene changes that Damini arrives in Goa and thinks that she is going to court with original document and visits Naira’s house. Naira leaves Karthik and goes to a Chat corner and asks for theeka golgappa.

Karthik is upset and he reaches home and finds a mali digging the ground. He snatches the mattock and starts digging.
Vedhika reaches home and throws everything in her room. Pallavi calls Vedhika and Vedhika says that Naira has destroyed everything ad is trying hard to ruin her marriage. Pallavi consoles her and says she is there. But Vedhika cries and throws the phone away.

As Karthik digs the mud deeper, his mom comes and stops him. He yells I am confused. I have always loved Naira and on the other side there is Vedhika whom I have never loved. She is a good friend but I couldn’t accept her wholeheartedly. I can’t bear to see tears in her eyes. I don’t know what to do. I am ashamed as I am hurting everyone. While everyone can see woman’s hurt and grief, no one can see a man get hurt. I am broken inside but no one sees that.

I loved Naira but out of family pressure I married Vedhika but I hurt her even more. I cannot even console her because I don’t want her to get the wrong idea that I am in love with her. He cries and walks away.
Vansh gives Naira some juice to control the effect of spicy golgappas. Karthik’s mom arrives and asks Naira to end the case. She says she spoke to Karthik and he has agreed to withdraw the case.

Scene flashes where Karthik’s mom speaks to him about withdrawing the case. Karthik says I know Naira is stubborn but if she is willing and does not take Kairav away then he will withdraw the case. If no, then I will fight for my son and no one can stop me.

Karthik’s mom speaks to Naira that it’s better to solve the case and let the connection of Kairav and Karthik stay as they are father and son. The tension in the family will be over if this case is closed. Kairav overhears the entire conversation.

Naira thinks about what Vedhika said and declines saying that she will have sole custody of Kairav. She says I am sorry but I am helpless. I don’t care who trusts me or not but I want you to understand. Karthik’s mom leaves as Kairav watches.

Precap: In the court, Damini says to Karthik if you want custody of Kairav we have no option. She says to the judge that Naira is dragging innocent Karthik into the court. But did she even want that kid? She submits a medical report and abuses Naira while Karthik yells “Shut up and don’t talk ill of my Naira” to Damini.