Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai 14th August 2019 written update:- Kartik realises A shocking reality about him

The episode starts with Suhashini is crying and says that she wants to go to the hospital to meet Kartik and everyone says he told me he will be back soon but Suhashini doesn’t want to listen and says anyone pays attention to Vedika like what she is doing? Is she okay? How she must be feeling that one her wedding day he beau left her for an unknown lady’s unknown child.

Here Kartik is sitting beside an unconscious Naira and asks her to wake up and open her eyes. He thinks why she isn’t back all the years?

Then he thought she must have lost her memory as the doctor told him once. He feels sad when Lisa comes in and he tells Lisa that she is my wife Naira. You must not know her but everyone thought she was dead but I find her today. You know what I got her in the room where I went to rescue Kairav’s mom.

Reality strikes him and he realizes that Kairav is Naira’s son and thus he is his own son.

Naira gains conscious and she sits on the bed with a jolt seeing Kartik in front of her. Kartik holds her but asks why didn’t you come back? For 5 years I am punishing myself and living in guilt that maybe I am responsible for your death.

So all this was a lie and nothing else while Naira remains numb. He goes from there and Naira tells Liza finally she sees and touches Kartik after 5 long years. She always imagined this moment but couldn’t say anything today when he is in front of me.

Kartik sits in the hospital waiting area and joined the dots of till today. He remembered Kairav and feels happy to think that Kairav is his own son and a lovely son. He sees some flashes of him and Kairav and then he says Kairav is my son, a cute son and he is away from me for 5 years.

Even my wife was away from me for 5 years but now she is back with Naira. I won’t let anything happen to him, nothing will happen to him and shouts when hospital staff took him aside.

Naira searches for Kartik in the hospital as she wants to talk to her when she finds out Kartik has taken to OPD for checking his blood pressure.

The doc says his BP is really high and asks him to lie down. Here Suhashini in the house asks all to let her go to the hospital to bring Kartik as neither he is contacting nor he is taking their calls.

The entire family decides to accompany her and they all proceed for the hospital.

Kartik gets up from the bed and opens her drip. He thinks maybe Naira is standing outside but Naira hides. A nurse came to inform Naira that Pallavi is calling her to meet the surgeon for Kairav while Kairav goes out from his ward secretly to look for his parents.

Precap – Kartik discloses to his family that Kairav is his biological son.