Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai: Kairav refuses to cut cake and accuses Karthik

In the upcoming episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain, Pallavi will call Vedika and finds her number switched off. She will think Naira is utilizing Vedika absence very well. Naira will feel happy that Karthik likes her gift. She then tells herself what she is doing is wrong. She will cry recalling their moments and feels fate has taken such a turn in their lives.

Vansh will tell Manish that Kairav is not going to cut the cake. Manish will think Vansh is playing a prank and laughs it off. Karthik will call everyone to cut the cake. He will pull Kairav closer to take selfies before cutting cake. He then shows the pics to his family and will tell them that there is something wrong with Kairav and that he is sad whole day. Swarna and others will tell him that he is worrying without a reason as Kairav is just a kid. Karthik will hope there is nothing serious.

Naira will bring the cake and Karthik will jokingly scold Naira that she is bringing cake to take all credit. Kairav gets upset. Karthik opens the cake and everyone loves it. It has a picture of Karthik and Kairav. Karthik will tell everyone that this picture is taken when he met Kairav for first time and its special.

However when they were about to cut cake, Kairav will throw a fit and pushes away the cake. He will shout he hate Karthik and he is a bad man. Everyone will think it’s a joke, but Kairav will get hysterical and cries saying Karthik is bad and he dint love them, he was the Naira used to cry all night in Goa and he never came to meet them. Naira will try to calm him down and tells him Karthik is the best and none of it is his fault. Kairav will push her and runs away towards the road, Karthik and Naira will run behind him.

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