Yeh Rishta Kya kehlata Hai: Kairav to find out the truth about Jolly Singh?

Star Plus popular show Kehlata Hai is keeping the audience engrossed with their current track where Karthik disguises himself as Jolly Singh- a New dad for Kairav.In the upcoming episode,Naira is upset with Karthik’s new dad plan and tells him to stop it before it ends up hurting Kairav again.Kairav will be delighted to see Naira and Jolly together as he seem to keep her happy.Jolly will arrange for a picnic and the Singhania’s will also join them.

Naira will continue to be angry with Karthik and ignores him.Swarna will tell Gayu that how come Vedika has not even left even a single message or called any of them since she left here.Gayu will tell her maybe she is uncomfortable with Naira and Kairav being back in Karthik’s life.Swarna will wonder if they had done wrong in pressurizing Karthik to marry Vedika.

Naira will overhear Surekha talking to someone on phone that she has to come to family picnic and will be able to meet only after Diwali.She will tell him to take medicines on time.Later Naira will see the same swimming pool she saw in her dreams and panick.They will come to know pool area is under repair and not to go near it.Karthik will find Naira upset and she will hesitantingly share her dream.Karthik will later arrange for a dance competition between men and women.Naira will agree after Jolly’s taunts that she is scared of losing.Swarna will take away Surekha’s phone and ask her to join the family.During the dance Surekha will see someone gesturing at her and tries to leave.

To know more,keep watching the show and stay tuned for updates.