Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Never ending troubles and doubts in Yeh-Rishta Land!

In the world of television shows, ending of troubles means the end of the story as there will be no drama to uphold the legacy. So, the television world welcomes troubles with the more the merrier. Relatable to this scenario, the makers of Star Plus’s widely recognized show ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’ never tire off and keep brewing more and more troubles in the storyline so that the characters could grow further to keep up the interest alive. In our recent update about the show, we reported that Naira will cancel her business trip with Mihir on account of the false information given by Suhasini about Kartik’s sickness. Meanwhile, Devyani becomes suspicious of Lachchi and thinks that she has stolen jewelry from the house.

On the other side, Kartik opines his doubts on Mihir about them losing their business consignment. He will hold Mihir responsible after the jewelry consignment is stolen. However, Naira will stand up against these accusations and in support of Mihir. This fact will shock Kartik seeing her standing against him and supporting another man. But he is unaware of the fact that Naira wants to save him with Mihir’s help. The further drama that this series of events will bring in Kartik’s and Naira’s relationship is definitely worth a watch. As it is, they are getting more and more distant with all the troubles and doubts making their way into their lives. Now its quite evident that these are becoming more serious by the day. What will be the consequences? More drama? Oh! We won’t say no that. Ain’t it right peeps?

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