Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 26th July 2019 Written Update- Mishti challenges Kuhu about her relation with Abir

The episode begins with Kuhu is sitting on the bed and thinking about Kunal words. She gets a call from a magazine asking her about her engagement and that girl Swetha. The lady from the magazine office says they called Mishti as well and asks her to check the time stamp on the email to find out who sent the mail? Kuhu gets tensed and calls Kunal but Meenakshi picks it up.

Kuhu quickly blurted out everything while Mishti comes from behind and asks her so you are the culprit here. Kuhu gets caught and she left the phone on. Here, Meenakshi keeps the phone on Bluetooth and went to Kunal and asks him to listen to all these. Kuhu gets angry on Mishti and asks her why don’t you find some other guy in this entire world apart from Abir.

Mishti asks how did you know? Kuhu says I am not blind like others to notice how affectionately you look into Abir’s eyes. Meenakshi aunty and Kunal are sensible people and they won’t be ready for you and Abir alliance. They are tolerating you for my sake. Mishti says but did you ever try to make them like me? Mishti says sisters do fight with each other even does enmity like us but didn’t backstab like this.

Mishti says you changed the party date and time as well right to harass me in front of all. Kuhu says I don’t want you to come at Rajvansh house as well and if you don’t back off yourself I will not let you be with Abir ever. Mishti says Kuhu who are you to stop me? No one can make me and Abir separate from each other. Kunal, Kuhu and Meenakshi get shocked to hear Mishti. She says I will not let anyone come in between me and Abir.

She says till now I kept quiet for your and your relation sake. But now I will tell him what I feel for him and how much I love him as well. She thanks Kuhu for doing such conspiracies against her which leads her to realize how much Abir trust her and will never leave her alone. Kuhu says for you if my alliance got broken, Mishti says no need of such relation which can break because whom your sister is in love with? Kuhu says I will not let you be with Abir.

Mishti asks Kuhu to imagine if she can beyond her length for her and Kunal relation then how breakless she can go for her own love? Mishti challenges Kuhu that do whatever you can in your power I will not let anybody come between me and Abir.

Jasleen enters their room and asks Kuhu to come down as Kunal came. Kuhu goes from there while Mishti breaks down in tears and think for Kuhu only I didn’t let Abir complete his words ever. She decides to handover the rights of her heart and love to Abir permanently and let him know what she feels for him?

Here Abir shares his concern about Meenakshi’s intention about Kunal and Kuhu relation with Nanu and Parul hears it. She is about to talk with Abir when Mami takes away Kunal on Meenakshi’s instruction so that he can not talk with Mishti.

Meanwhile in Mishti’s house as well all started preparing for sangeet ceremony and asks Rajshri to dance at the occasion. Meanwhile, Mishti takes out time and calls Abir and here Abir’s sister tells him that his phone is ringing continuously.

Abir asks Mishti what she is trying to discuss about the photo? Mishti tells him to do hell with photos I just want to talk about love and Abir gets surprised while Dheere Dheere song plays in the background. Abir thinks what Mishti is trying to say to him?

Precap: Mishti confesses about her love and tells Abir that she knows that the girl in his painting is she.