Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar 19th February 2020 Written Update: Kuhu puts another demand in front of Mishti

The episode starts with Kuhu and Mishti getting ready for the marriage. Kuju tells Mishti that she has prepared her bangles. Mishti thinks that today there is nothing more important than the fact that she and Abir are getting married. She smiles blushing. Kuhu says she isn’t going to wait for her the whole day and makes her wear the bangles.

Kuhu sees the necklace Nanu gave to Mishti. The latter thanks her. Kuhu asks her if she is doing drama.
Meenakshi gives Parul the pagdi (turbans) for Abir and Kunal asking her to make them wear it. Parul says that Kunal is getting married today just because she talked to Kuhu. She says that she wants her to make him wear the pagdi. Ketki agrees that it’s her right as well. Meenakshi says that Kunal is Parul’s son but Parul asks her not to go anywhere and attend the wedding. Meenakshi says that Abir won’t like that. She thanks Parul for giving her the opportunity to make Kunal wear the pagdi and hugs her.

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On the other hand Kunal and Abir are getting ready too. Abir says that both the girls are very lucky and showers themselves with compliments saying that it is necessary to give importance to your own self as well. Kunal says that he wants to give all the importance to Kuhu only. Abir asks Kunal how Kuhu reacted when he confessed that he loves her. Kunal has not told Kuhu that yet and says that she must have understood after all this. Abir offers his help to him. Jugnu comes to call Kunal who leaves.

Parul comes to make Abir wear the pagdi with Nanu who wants to talk with him.
Kuhu asks Mishti to tell if she got hurt but Mishti says nothing can affect her today that she is getting her love and nothing and nobody is more important than that. Kuhu says that she is getting Kunal forever and properly as well but she is unable to be happy because she will have to share her in laws and mandap. Mishti says that it’s her mandap which she is happily sharing with her. Kuhu says that the in laws were hers first. Mishti replies that she herself said that her marriage wasn’t a proper one so technically she is going to her in laws for the first time too. Kuhu has no reply.

Parul makes Abir wear the turban. Abir thanks her and says that everything is happening thanks to her. Parul tells her that it’s Meenakshi who has done everything. Nanu asks Abir to let Meenakshi attend the wedding. Abir says that he hasn’t forgiven Meenakshi yet.

Jasmeet comes in the room and asks Kuhu not to be angry. Kuhu says that today must be special since she is getting married. Jasmeet tells her that she understands her. Kuhu says that Mishti grabbed all the attention on her first wedding and today too. Jasmeet adds fuel saying that there is only hf an hour for the muharat and if Abir and Mishti take time for the rituals then she and Kunal will have to take vows in hurry or maybe their wedding won’t even happen. Varsha calls Jasmeet who leaves.

Abir thinks that he shouldn’t feel guilty. He receives message from Mishti saying she misses him and he calls her. He blames himself for being a bad son and grandson. Mishti says a funny poetry and Abir mocks her. Mishti cuts the call saying she doesn’t want to talk with him. Vishambharnat comes and asks Mishti if she is sure about sharing the mandap.

Abir sees Kunal and Meenakshi talking. Kunal wishes for Meenakshi to attend the wedding. Meenakshi is excited to welcome Kuhu and Mishti home. Kunal says that it might be not easy for her to accept Mishti. Meenakshi says she had accepted Kuhu after a little of time and maybe she will just need more time for Mishti.
Abir leaves and Kunal goes to him. Abir apologizes to him because Meenakshi won’t attend the wedding for him. Kunal says it’s fine. He leaves. Abir recalls Meenakshi and Nanu’s words.

Vishambharnat and Shaurya have their eyes closed and are waiting for Mishti and Kuhu to come out in their bridal look. Rajshri asks them to open their eyes. They do and look at their daughters who are looking gorgeous. Vishambharnat recalls Akshara and Kaira’s wedding and says he is very lucky to be able to witness this day thrice. Shaurya asks them to sit so he can take pictures. They sit and Vishambharnat asks them to sit closer. Shaurya clicks pictures.

Vishambharnat feeds Mishti for one last time before she leaves to her in laws. Mishti says that she will remain his daughter and hugs him.

Kuhu asks about her kheer. Shaurya says that there is a special diet kheer for her and feeds her with that. She hugs him.

Ketki goes live on social media and says that the baraat with horses is ready and now they are waiting for the best grooms. Kunal and Abir come and are welcomed with drums. They sit on their respective horses and dance. Everybody else dances too. Meenakshi looks at them from balcony.

Later Mishti sees a bus stopping in front of their house. She smiles recalling her and Abir’s first meeting on a bus. Kuhu comes there too and sees Shaurya asking the staff to hurry up. She recalls Jasmeet’s words and thinks that Mishti cannot snatch her second chance. She tells Mishti that she can’t pretend to be happy anymore and asks her why her marriage is happening first. She says that she wants her marriage to be perfect and take place first. Mishti looks on.

Baraat comes. Maheshwaris go to welcome the Rajvansh family. Shaurya asks where is Abir since there is nobody on horse. Everybody wonders where he went.

Mishti asks Kuhu if she wants that her and Abir’s wedding doesn’t happen. Kuhu replies that she doesn’t care about that, she just never wanted to share her things with her but she did and now she will have to share her in laws too. She asks Mishti to confess that she hates her. Mishti says that she behaves rudely with her because she does the same. Kuhu blames her for ruining her life and also her relationship with Kunal too since she had not even be able to tell her family about their divorce because she and Abir had broken up and everybody was sad.

Mishti asks her if she would have come back if her break up hadn’t happened. She asks her to be happy and reminds her that her life is not easy too because she had to fight against Meenakshi for her love and now Meenakshi isn’t attending the wedding because she has been asked to stay away. Kuhu asks her to do whatever she wants but her wedding should happen first today. Mishti asks her not to do this today at least since everybody is happy. Kuhu says that another drama won’t change anything and leaves. Mishti looks down.

Episode ends

Precap: Mishti says that her wedding will happen today only on muhurat time. Meenakshi asks Kuhu and Mishti if she can take them to the mandap. Mishti says no.