Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 11th February 2020 Written Update: ABIR IS WORRIED ABOUT MEENAKSHI’S NEXT PLAN

The episode starts with Abir entering in his room enraged. Parul comes behind him asking him to calm down. Abir shouts asking what Lakshman was doing there and blames Meenakshi for making him and Nanu ashamed in front of the Maheshwaris and even plotting to make that channdelier fall because she wanted to harm Mishti. Parul tries calming him down and reminds him that Rajshri said that she put the candle near the rope of the chandelier by mistake so it wasn’t Meenakashi’s plan. She says that she knows he got scared because Mishti could have got hurt. However Abir is still frustrated because everybody always thinks what will be Meenakshi’s next plan. Parul asks him to think about Mishti and himself and talk to Mishti. Abir calms down.

Meenakshi and Nidhi overheard their conversation. Nishi tells Meenakshi that Parul was her shadow so she was meant to stay behind her but she is going ahead and in fact instead of asking Abir to talk with her she suggested him to talk with Mishti.

On the other hand Mishti recalls the chandelier accident and Meenakshi denying that she isn’t behind it. She thinks if they should be sure that Meenakshi won’t really do something. She thinks to call Abir and opens her bag to get the mobile and just then notices the envelope with the divorce notice for Kuhu in it.

Kunal comes in Abir’s room where he sees his brother playing “Dheere dheere” tune on guitar. He smiles hearing it. Kuhu comes and hugs Kunal from behind but as soon as Abir stops playing the music, Kunal realizes it’s just his imagination.

Abir asks Kunal why he is looking so lost. Kunal says nothing has happened and asks Abir if he is fine. Abir replies that he is feeling better after realizing that the future of a relationship depends on its beginning: he has fought against everybody for his relationship with Mishti but he isn’t going to do that anymore. Kunal asks him what he is going to do then. Abir says that he wants to make every person who has contributed in making him reach there feel special. Kunal remembers how Abir supported him in his marriage and says that it would have not happened without Abir and now he can’t let it get broken.

Mishti is about to open the notice when Kuhu comes and snatches it from her asking her if she can’t see her name on the envelope. Mishti apologizes saying that it was a notice from court so she thought to open. Kuhu lies that it’s something related to her business so she doesn’t need to create any drama and disturb the family. Mishti asks her why she is talking like this at which Kuhu replies that she is fed up with her and can’t bear her anymore. She adds that she has always wanted her to get out of her life but it always happens what Mishti wants. Mishti says that she just got tensed seeing the notice from court. Just then she receives a message from Abir asking her to meet. Kuhu receives a message from Kunal too asking if everything is fine at her home, if Mishti is fine. She deletes the message and leaves.

Kunal thinks that if he tries saving his marriage for Abir then he will again look like an idiot and wonders if he is trying to save his relationship with Kuhu because he has started liking her. Jugnu comes in the room and Kunal asks him if he has ever fallen in love. He asks him how to find out in real life if love has happened. Jugnu says that a person who has already fallen in love and has already done a love marriage too shouldn’t ask something like this. He leaves. Kunal gets worried as the date given by court has come very close and he doesn’t know what to do except that he doesn’t want Kuhu to leave him. He messages Kuhu asking her to talk with him since he wants a second chance. Just then Nanu and Ketki come and Nanu tells Kunal that they want to do something special for Mishti and Kunal the following day but they don’t know what to do. Kunal has an idea.

Meanwhile Kuhu is waiting for Kunal’s call. Varsha comes and tells her that the mandap wala isn’t picking up her calls. Kuhu says that she shouldn’t call him too then. She talks thinking about Kunal. Varsha asks her to call the mandap wala once and then leaves. Kuhu receives a message from Kunal and gets happy seeing that he has written that he needs her. She rushes to meet him. Bekhudi plays.

Mishti waits at the chai stall for Abir. The latter is dressed up as chaiwala and makes chai for Mishti who recognizes him. He sits next to Mishti who tells him that she has been to a function today where she has danced a lot and now she is feeling hungry. Abir says that it is steange that they didn’t give her food in the function. Mishti asks her if everything is fine at which Abir replies that everything is fine. Mishti says that this is her dialogue. Abir apologizes for what happened. Mishti says that it wasn’t his mistake or Meenakshi’s. She jokes that she doesn’t need to give dowry now. Abir pulls her closer saying that his intention is to get something else.

Kuhu comes back home and goes into her room where she sees Kunal and asks her why he called her there. She gets disappointed when Kunal says that they wanted to make up for what happened today so they need to plan a surprise for Mishti and asks her help. Kuhu thinks that he is again talking about Mishti and doesn’t care about their divorce. She says that she doesn’t care about her stupid plan and is about to leave when Nanu comes and tells her that it was his idea only and apologizes. Kuhu says that she will surely help if it’s his idea. Nanu gets happy and leaves. Kunal wants to talk with Kuhu about their divorce but she says that she doesn’t want to waste her time and leaves.

Mishti is about to leave but Abir stops her saying that he will complain to Meenakshi if she leaves. Mishti sits back near him saying that if Meenakshi is dangerous, she is angry chorni the original too. Abir corrects her saying that she is his angry chorni the original. They hug smiling.

Meenakshi recalls Abir shouting at Lakshman and then Nidhi’s words. She thinks that she can’t give up and let her son go far from her.

After a while Mishti comes back home and Vishambharnat comes to talk with her in her room about the chandelier accident. Mishti asks him not to worry. Vishambharnat says that he has come to apologize for forcing her to get married to Nishant for the family.

Nanu scolds Meenakshi too for what she has done in the name of family and now she has to face the consequences of her mistakes. Meenakshi accepts her mistakes and says that she has understood tha he won’t help her but Nanu says he will. Meenakshi asks him if he is planning a surprise for Mishti and Abir which was her idea but she didn’t want anybody to come to know about that. Nanu says that he is trusting his upbringing and asks him not to break his trust this time. Meenakshi promises him that.

Mishti asks Vishambharnat to trust himself and says that there is no better Bade Papa than him in the world. They have a laugh together. Vishambharnat tells Mishti that he is going to be there for her always. They hug.

The next morning Mishti offers her help to Jasmeet in the kitchen but she refuses to get help from her and asks Kuhu to bring the tray. Mishti tries talking to her but Kuhu asks her to understand that Jasmest is ignoring her and is also sad but she doesn’t care and is celebrating in front of her. Mishti says that she is right since she cannot imagine her pain especially when she will get to know that she was the one who kept bringing Abir in her son’s wedding functions. Kuhu says that she did that only once. Mishti says that everything seems fair if she does that and taunts her before leaving.

Kuhu is frustrated because she has to plan a surprise for Mishti.
Episode ends

Precap: Nanu gives gift to Mishti saying that she is the most special daughter-in-love of their house. Ketki calls her the best too. Kuhu gets hurt and angry when she is asked to take the whole family’s picture and nobody thinks about including her in the frame.