December 6, 2019
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Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 19th July 2019 Written Update- Mishti attempts to mend ways with Kuhu

The episode begins with Kunal disclosing the truth of Mishti and Kuhu are not being cored sisters to Meenakshi. Here Mishti says to Abir that Kuhu is my family, if my deeds can make my family happy and relieved then I have no issues with asking for sorry. Abir asks what is the other reason for asking an apology? Mishti says, you! you have done so much for me in the past, you even go against your family for my sake and moreover after a lot of hurdles this alliance is sailing so I don’t want to create a mess or else you have to set it right later for me. Abir smiles with her words, Mishti asks him for coffee.

Here Kunal explains to Meenakshi, the relationship of both the sisters are bitter and they just pretend to be goody in front of elders, for their happiness. That’s why to check the authenticity of her words, I ask Kuhu to prepare Mishti to ask forgiveness. Meenakshi says and she did this, if you were in her place then neither you will agree nor Abir. Both of your brothers love each other truly. I will now examine Kuhu about what extent to she can go for Mishti.

Mishti is preparing coffee when Abir enters the house in a white shirt, the house is dark and the tiny light of the moon is making the atmosphere more romantic and enchanting. Abir comes close to Mishti and looks at her while she starts to step back. Abir recites a poem in his mind. Mishti gets shy and Abir pulls her leg. He says you are inviting a cute, dashing, innocent boy like me in this solitary night, who knows what runs in your mind? He told her what if coffee is your code word?

Mishti says please get over with your nonsense talks and tastes the coffee. Abir again pulls her leg and she runs after him with a fork. Saathiyan song plays in the background. Here Meenakshi asks Kuhu if she is ready for the alliance? Vishwambhar appears there and he gets to know Kuhu’s engagement is being fixed the next day. He says he will need some more time to prepare for the occasion. Meenakshi says the alliance got broken once so when kids are ready I don’t want any delay in the processing. Kunal comes to Vishwambhar and asks him to come aside as he wants to talk privately.

Here Mishti and Abir both get settled in a corner and Mishti says today was the worst day of my life but you and your mere presence made me smile. Abir says talks that make you smile can never be stupid but beautiful. Abir says truth is very beautiful and no matter how much harsh reality becomes, never lie to me. I will with a happy heart accept all the truth about you. Mishti says I know you are always with me just like I will be with you.

Kunal apologizes to Vishwambhar for making Mishti justify herself in front of his mom. He says he did all this due to the humiliation his mom have to tolerate at the party. He doesn’t want his family to get affected to keep him happy. Vishwambhar appreciates his words and takes leave. Parul notices Kunal and Meenakshi are signing each other post guest departs.

Here Mishti arranges the bed and sleeps when Varsha and Jasleen come to ask her not to get involved in marriage chores. They saw her sleeping in the room and left but Mishti heeds their words and gets upset. She misses Abir. Later she tries to patch up with Kuhu and asks her to start afresh. and convert their fake love into reality. Kuhu gets surprised but then she reminds Kunal words and calls Mishti’s attempt to mend their ways fake and sleeps. Mishti sleeps on her side and thinks I tried, and get lost in thoughts of Abir.

Here Parul confronts Meenakshi about what she is hiding from her? What is going on between her and Kunal? She says Kuhu is a nice girl for Kunal so what is the problem? Meenakshi says for the happiness of family we did hide many truths and buried many secrets under the carpet. So keeping one more such secret under the wraps won’t be difficult for us, especially you. Abir listens to their words from behind and wonders what secret lies between Maasi and Big ben?

Precap: Parul picks up Shweta’s call and says she is saying you have some dues to clear with her. Abir and Mishti share a romantic moment in the Maheswari house.

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