Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 23rd August 2019 written update:- Abir confesses his love to Mishti

The episode starts with the airport staff informed Abir that the flight for Mumbai has taken off and Mishti already boarded it. Abir gets heartbroken and starts to walk off from there. Suddenly Mishti calls him from behind and says I am here and breaks down crying.

Abir gets happy to see her and he entered the security check area. The fellow passengers are happy to see them. one fellow passenger commented that this girl is sitting on her means that means she is going to propose that guy…how cute!

Abir comes and also sits on his knees and holds Mishti’s hand. He says that he will never be able to see her sitting on her knees ever in life. He says that there is so much difference of height between us so that is enough. Please stand up now, and both get-up and Abir hugs her and lifts her up while all the other passengers and staff of the airport start to clap for them. They came out of the report hand in hand while all others are clapping for them. Mishti gets happy and Abir looks at her and they both exit from the airport together.

Here in Maheswari house, Kunal is angry on Meenakshi. He says from the days of my childhood I have always wanted to be a good son. the motto of my life was to be a perfect son of you which my elder brother couldn’t be ever. Today’s standing at this position I am thinking what all I got in return for my loyalty and respect for you? Kunal requests Meenakshi to stop this drama before it gets worse as they still have time. Kuhu on the other side thanks Varsha for being a continuous support to make it happen in her life. Kuhu says I wish I could say more than thank you to you.

Parul asks Rajshri that Kuhu is so happy today, she says even our entire family is so happy to have Kuhu as our daughter in law specially Kunal. Kunal says yes to his mother that I am giving you the last chance just stop me from getting married or else I promise you things will be changed forever. Your son will be no more good from now on. Meenakshi asks him to get married as it is the need of the hour. Nidhi calls them down for starting the process of marriage.

Abir brings Mishti to a temple, he says that let us start our new beginning by the blessings of God. Mishti says I thought you are taking me back home. They entered the temple and Abir is leg pulling her and doing playful pranks on her. She addresses him with his nickname and they get busy with each other. Mishti says forget about getting married, we can’t be friends together as your mother will not allow.

Abir says what she will not allow and get to know? Mishti says this much that I love…..and stops though Abir asks her to complete the phrase she denies and says nothing. Abir says you can choose to be mute but I and God know what is in your mind. Mishti smiles and goes from there. Here in the house, Kuhu and Kunal settle down for marriage processing, Varsha asks Kuhu to shy down while Kuhu says I am feeling like dancing. Kunal is sad and frustrated but he is not able to escape as he promised Meenakshi.

The priest asks the groom mother to tie the knot when Kunal asks Parul to complete the ritual in place of Meenakshi. Parul happily does it and all the housemates get happy. They stand up for taking rounds around the fire whereas Abir and Mishti are in the temple and watching another marriage when Mishti asks him what do you think? Will we ever able to be together?

Abir says paths are crucial but together we will cross it eventually. They play around the temples when Abir says Mishti you have mesmerized me Mishti and confess his feelings. He says I love you Angry thief while Mishti gets happy and reciprocate the same. She confessed her feelings too and runs from there while at home while taking rounds the knot catches fire and everyone gets tensed. Parul helps Kuhu to settle it when Nidhi says this is a very bad omen. Kunal and Kuhu gets shocked to listen to this.

Precap – Promo of Maha episode.