Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 27th August 2019 written update:- Abir and Mishti sweet moments

Episode begins with Mishti again calls for Kuhu in the room and then realized she is not there and remember an incident of their childhood. She realized that all the while they used to fight a lot with each other. Mishti decides that she will not fight with anybody now as hatred always lose in front of love and now she will win back her dear ones with love and affection. She messaged Kuhu that she wants unlimited happiness and good luck for her and says hashtag Kunal and Kuhu forever.
Kuhu is in her room and it’s trying to figure out what is happening in her life? She feels devastated to think that she is under the impression of getting her wishes fulfilled but suddenly everything becomes a nightmare for her.

Kunal enters the room and she looks the other way when she received the text of Mishti. She gets angry on seeing the text and says after ruining my life you can’t fool me by sending these kinds of cute messages. I hate you Mishti. Kunal thinks that he has become a villain in someone else’s life because of his mother.
In the morning, Mishti is sleeping when she sees Abir is caressing her face, she gets up and greets Abir and then realized it was her illusion. She thinks All of it seems to be a dream to me. She is settling things on the dinner table when Jasmeet compare and tries to taunt Mishti with her words.

Abhi on the other hand sits on meditation and decides that he will see Mishti face first in the morning. Yashpal comes to Abir room to call him but he says he will see Mishti face first in the day. He texted Mishti and waits for her reply. Mishti on the other hand is arranging the table when Jasmeet comes and tries to make her feel unwanted in the house. Mishti gets a text from Abir and she didn’t pay any sort of attention to you just meet words and goes upstairs in her room. just me things what is there in my words to feel good about that Mishti is smiling so much. Mishti on the other hand feels excited to think that Abir wants to see her face first in the morning and she couldn’t conclude that if he is more weird or if she is being lucky?

Jugnu comes to Abir and informs that Kuhu and Kunal will be leaving for their post wedding rituals so he should go with them. Abhi decides to visit Maheshwari house and fix a date with Mishti. Mishti calls Abir and says she doesn’t check his messages that is why she couldn’t reply. She informs him that they have to cancel their date for the day as Kuhu will arrive with Kunal for performing rituals.

Kuhu thinks to have a word with Kunal and trying to figure out what is actually going on in his mind. Kunal behaves in an odd way with her and he is in a hurry to go to Maheshwari house so that he can keep Kuhu there forever. Rajshri gets to hear Jasmeet and Varsha conversation and feels Mishti must have hurt with Jasmeet words. She goes to Mishti when Mishti was on call with Abir about them and Abir notices Rajshri.

He tries to sign her but she is too naive to get that and keeps on talking when Abir in a way to let Mishti know greets Rajshri. Mishti manages the situation by saying that she is trying to find out from Abir that what kind of girl he wants in his life. Abir also agrees when Mishti tells Rajshri that they should go for doing the preparations for the day and bids Abir a goodbye. Mishti hugs Rajshri and wish Abir I love you when Abir reciprocates the same to him. Here in the house all asks Kuhu to come back soon from her paternal house as they will be waiting for her. Meenakshi went to office with a motive of teaching Parul a lesson.

Precap – Abir and Mishti are in a room together when suddenly Rajshri comes in.