Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke 29th January 2020 Written Update: Abir meets with an accident

The episode starts with Meenakshi checking the file and realising she has lost the report. She thinks she has to tell it to Nishant and remembers there was Abir in the corridor too.

Vishambharnat asks Jasmeet where Nishant is. She tells him that he has gone out to get some fresh air. Jasmeet asks Vishambharnat if he will forgive him. Vishambharnat replies that Nishant is a kid and makes mistake and he has forgiven him before also. Jasmeet says that she is talking about Abir not Nishant. She asks if he would have forgiven Abir if Nishant hadn’t come drunk since he was ready to forgive him the day Abir defended them all in front of Mrs. Parekh in the Mandir.

Vishambharnat says that he doesn’t think only about Mishti like she feels but instead he had taken the decision to get Nishant and Mishti married when he was fully sure that Nishant loved Mishti, plus in the Mandir he had stopped himself from forgiving Abir for Nishant and today he wants this wedding to happen for Nishant as well. Jasmeet apologizes for questioning him. Vishambharnat tells her that he thinks about this family every day just that he doesn’t show that. Jasmeet hugs him crying and thanks him. Vishambharnat asks her not to worry as everything is going to be fine. He leaves. Mishti has overheard their conversation.

On the other hand Abir reads Nishant’s report which says that he hasn’t drunk and realizes he was right to think that Nishant has lied to his family. He calls Mishti to tell her Nishant’s truth.

Mishti is in washroom and thinks that she has to stand by her family now since they supported her when she needed them. Just then she gets Abir’s call. She recalls Jasmeet blaming her for Nishant’s condition and decides not to pick the call up. She eventually ends up picking Abir’s call as he keeps calling and asks him not to say anything since her day has already been very difficult. Abir is about to tell Mishti about Nishant’s truth but just then Nishant comes in the hospital and snatches his phone. Mishti is able to hear only that he is at hospital and prays that he should be fine. Rajshri comes and asks her to get ready again for haldi ceremony. She asks Kuhu to help her and then leaves. Kuhu takes Mishti’s mobile.

Nishant warns Abir to stay away from his fiancée. Abir punches him and blames him of giving pain to his family by pretending to faint. Nishant replies that it’s his family so it’s none of his business but Abir says that there was Mishti too there and that is his business. He is about to go but Nishant stops him. Abir says that he doesn’t even deserve Mishti’s friendship and asks him to remember his name as he isn’t going to let him get married and will reveal his truth in front of everybody. He goes away after pushing Nishant who had tried stopping him. Nishant’s nose starts bleeding.

Meanwhile Mishti’s haldi ceremony starts. Abir comes and sits next to Mishti. He applies haldi on Mishti’s cheeks but it is her imagination.

Abir gets into his car and starts it. Nishant follows him in his car and tries stopping him. Abir tries calling Mishti but in vain. He says that he has to tell Nishant’s truth to her and asks God to help him. However his phone falls down and in the tentative of picking it up, he doesn’t see a bus coming. He suddenly turns the car to avoid clashing with the bus when he sees it but the car goes against a tree and Abir meets with an accident.

At the same time Mishti sees the diya blowing out and feels restless. She looks at the bangle that Abir had gifted her it falls on the ground. The bangle falls near Kunal’s feet.

Abir falls out of the car and rolls down from the valley falling into the water of a lake.
Kunal gives the bangle back to Mishti who asks Kuhu to give her back her phone since she feels that something wrong has happened.

Nishant sees Abir’s car which has clashed against a tree and shouts his name searching for him.
Mishti drenches herself under the shower and wonders why Abir sounded so tensed and why she is feeling so scared. She calls Abir.

Nishant realizes that Abir might have fallen into water. Just then he sees Abir’s phone on ground and Mishti calling him.

Kuhu comes in Mishti’s room and scolds her for trying to call Abir again but Mishti doesn’t listen to her and asks her where Kunal is as she needs to talk with him.

Nishant decides to tell what happened to Mishti and save Abir but then realizes that he is scared of water and doesn’t even see some movement in water. He thinks he cannot save Abir anymore but he can save himself so he messages Mishti from Abir’s phone asking her not to meet him.

Mishti receives the message. Kunal reads it too and says it is impossible that Abir has sent it. Kuhu says that it has happened and Abir doesn’t want to talk to her. Mishti asks her to go as she wants to talk with Kunal. Kuhu leaves. Mishti tells Kunal that she feels that Abir is in some trouble as he wanted to talk to her but he couldn’t hear his voice properly and now she is receiving this message. Kunal thinks that Abir cannot have sent such a message so there is surely something wrong. Mishti asks Kunal to find Abir. Kunal tries calling Abir but he doesn’t pick up his calls.

Kunal decides to tell Mishti what Abir had gone to do but Mishti just wants to know about his whereabouts. However Nishant comes and interrupts them. Mishti asks him where he was. Nishant replies that he had gone to get some fresh hair. She asks him if he is fine and he replies he is. Mishti asks him to complete his haldi ceremony. Kunal congratulates them and tells them that he is going to find Abir as he needs him. Nishant feels guilty for not trying to find Abir. The latter is seen lying in water unconscious.

Meenakshi drops Aarti ki thaali and scolds Jugnu for not placing it properly. She says that this is an inauspicious sign.

Mishti keeps feeling restless and hopes Abir is fine. Jasmeet asks Nishant if he is fine and he replies he is. He looks at Mishti who seems tensed.

Parul tells Meenakshi that she might have made mistake and didn’t place the thaali properly. Nanu comes and says that a mistake can be corrected too. Meenakshi says that it isn’t a mistake but an inauspicious sign. She asks Parul not to touch the thaali. Parul gets hurt and leaves. Meenakshi prays and asks for protection for her family.
Kunal calls Jugnu and asks him if Abir has reached home and gets worried when Jugnu replies that he hasn’t come yet.

Mishti shares her fear with Kuhu and tells her that she feels something has happened to him. Kuhu tells her that he is fine and she has just met him downstairs but then asks him who she is talking about. She scolds Mishti when she tells her that she is talking about Abir.
A nurse tells Kunal that Abir had come in the hospital but fought with someone.

Kuhu scolds Mishti and reminds her what happened to Nishant. She says that he will become drugs and alcohol addict again if this marriage doesn’t happen. Mishti says that nothing like that will happen as she will marry Nishant but asks Kuhu to find out about Abir’s whereabouts. Kuhu accepts and asks Mishti to get ready as she has to get married to Nishant at any cost for her family. Kuhu leaves. Rajshri has overheard their conversation.

Episode ends

Precap: Mishti tells Rajshri that she is scared that Abir might be in danger and wants to be sure that her fear is just an assumption. Rajshri says that she can go but then she must not come back.