Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka Written Update 2nd December 2019: Roshni arranged the money to save Saima

Episode begins with Anjum comes to meet Roshni and say you really had a heart of angel that you jumped in that illusional well to save the life of Chotu. Anjum says but I have made a circle outside the house for your safety still I don’t know how come that Chal Kuan entered the house. Roshni actually I went out of the circle and that circle got broke. Anjum says but why did you break it? Aman says that I had an argument with Roshni and that is why I asked her to go out of the house without thinking about anything. Anjum gets angry and says you two people are not normal husband and wife why don’t you remember that? None of your actions are normal and neither the reactions and consequences of those actions are going to be normal. She says to Aman there is a marriage ceremony going on in the house and lots of people are coming and going these days. Hence if anything happens then who will take responsibility for the outcome? Please until the marriage is over think twice before doing anything. Once Anjum left Roshni thanks Aman for not leaving the truth in front of her.

Aman asks Roshni why did you go to meet Sameer at that late hour of night. Roshni se he was blackmailing me that if I don’t go to meet him then he will treat hurdles in the marriage ceremony of time will leak out the 51 lakh cheque. Aman safe and for that you went out to meet him all alone and you are discussing that with him in that position? Aman says I told you several times not to do anything that will harm the reputation of my house. I already give you a blank cheque so whatever money you want you can extract from it.

He left and Roshni cries with his words, Rakh Jinn entered the house secretly to search for her boss. Anticline to Roshni sleeping when it comes to her and calls her. Roshni dance and see that I had committed suicide by consumig some pills. She asks to bring hot water with salt mixing and she somehow rescued Saima from any danger. She says to birthday sister that she has having the money required and they don’t need to worry about it anymore.

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In the night, Roshni is waiting for the blackmailer to come and take the cheque and give back the phone. She is waiting behind the pillar with Sara and Saima to see who will come to take the cheque. After a while someone comes and dropped the phone and left. Frosting destroyed the chip with the help of Sara and Saima. Sara thanked Roshni and says you are the best sister-in-law of this world. Roshni remembers using the blank cheque of Aman for the sake of Saima. Roshni is going back to her room when she stopped by to see Aman and covers him with a blanket. She says to a sleeping Aman that even if he thinks she is not worthy of him but when today Saima hugged her wholeheartedly she felt that this family belongs to her and she is indeed a part of it. She made a promise to him late fee will never let anything happened that can harm the reputation of the house.

Rakh Jinn got a signal from her boss to find a solution. In the morning everyone the house is preparing as the Nikah is going to take place today. Roshni comes down and Aman gets mesmerized to see her. She is impressed with his gaze on her. Saima comes down and sees everyone is looking at her with angry eyes.

Precap – Aman throws Roshni out of the house to save the marriage of Saima.