Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 12th November 2022 Written Update: Zorawar fools Kabul people

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 12th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mariam is asked to throw the knife at the predicted number on the gambling den. Ali helps her win the game with his magic. Mariam wonders she didnt know she had this talent inside her. She throws the knife one by one by choosing the numbers. Ali makes her win everytime with his magic. Mariam gets delighted and she gets motivated. She throws the knife with her eyes closed. There Simsim tells the thieves to give the news to Parbaaz people that they have to find the wizard who is wearing Talisman locket. The magician will get caught soon. Mariam throws another knife without even looking at the den and succeeds due to magic. She provokes the people saying this is all fake and they don’t let the players lose because they will get more money from them. People trust Mariam’s words and start beating the organisers. Mariam runs away with Poya. Someone tries to attack Mariam but Ali saves them by using magic. Poya wonders how did it happen?

The head Ibtali tells about an order to the Parbaaz people that the ration supplying will be stopped to the common people and it is Sultan’s order. Everyone starts objecting to that saying how will they survive then if they will have no food. They start protesting against Saddam but Ibtali says Sultan Saddam is bound to obey the forty thieves. As the thieves only forced him to pass this kind of order. People ask him why the thieves want that? Ibtali says the order will not work if all of them find a special kind of locket for the thieves.

He shows everyone the Talisman locket design. Ali realises he is wearing the same kind of locket. He hides it under his clothes before anyone sees that. Simsim smirks saying when whole Kabul people will search for Ali in empty stomach then he won’t be able to run away for longer. He won’t get a place to hide as well. Ibtali tells Ali that he should also start finding the person who is wearing the locket else the innocent people will die. Ali decodes how he got the Talisman, he feels it came near him in the cave. He understands Mustafa fought for this gem only and he thinks if he can apply magic without this locket. He takes it off and applies the magic but it doesn’t work. Dadi says Ali doesn’t have idea why Simsim wants the Talisman. Simsim tells Iblis that once she gets the gem she will kill Ali.

People snatch ration from each other in Parbaaz due to hunger. Zarifa gives the person their own ration, she asks Ali how will they find the solution of this problem. Zorawar gathers people and gives speech about unity that they have to get united to solve the problem. Royal street and Mamuli gully people will come together and arrange ration. There Zorawar’s men steal the leftover ration from the Mamuli Gully people without anyone’s knowledge. People start panicking seeing there’s no food left. Ali thinks Zorawar did this for sure.

Precap- Zorawar says they have enough food now and they will easily spend days with it. Ali hears that and says he will not spare him.

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