Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 16th January 2023 Written Update: Mustafa reveals about Ali Baba to Simsim

Ali Baba Dastaan-e- Kabul 16th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim says she is surprised to see that Mustafa is still alive. But she will defeat him and will turn Iblis alive. He says she is crazy for her lover but she made a mistake again. She and her thieves will die soon. Simsim says she likes his approach the way he challenges her. She asks him to reveal about the saviour’s identity. He says he won’t do it as this is his world and her orders won’t work. She says his Parbaaz people are turning into puppets so if he wants to save them then he should expose the identity of the Saviour.

Tilasmi Nabina says what she will get in return of helping Farishta to get inside the internal world. Farishta says Saviour has to leave Hasan here and then only she will help him. Farishta agrees to leave Hasan near her. He says he has to reach Bala to save his people at any cost. Nabina laughs at Hasan and Farishta. Farishta snatches the eye from Nabina and is about to throw it in the fireplace but Nabina requests him not to do that as the eye has all the power. He asks her the way to reach Bala. She reveals about a dead pool and says he will need a coin to get through it. He demands the coin from her and she says but she won’t give Hasan back to him. Farishta says she will get the eye if she gives him the coin. He throws away the eye after getting the coin. She gets busy finding it and he leaves with Hasan. Hasan thanks him for saving him.

There Kushro and Poya talk about how to turn Nafi into human again. Poya says Ali would have saved him if not Farishta. Simsim says she will harm Mustafa’s mother Noora if he doesn’t give her the information. He gets furious knowing Noora is not well. There Alifi takes Dadi to a doctor who says she is critical and an evil power attacked her. Simsim challenges Mustafa saying if he can fight with her by using no magic as she also entered his world without magic. They get into a fight and there Hasan asks Farishta that this place seems dangerous and whoever comes here doesn’t return back alive. Farishta says someone will help them cross the river.

Thieves reach Nabina and ask her if saviour came here, they sense saviour’s presence there. One haunted person arrives with boat and Farishta says he will take them to the cave. Hasan gets afraid seeing the dark place and discovers many snakes there. Farishta takes out his sword given by the monk. He kills the snakes with it. Simsim tells Mustafa to accept his defeat as he is just a human. His wound gets healed within a second and she gets shocked. He says she has no idea how powerful human can be. He says he is already dead and its his soul not body. She can’t kill him. She gets angry, he says his magic didn’t die as his sons got his magical power. He reveals his son Ali Baba will destroy the evil power from this world including Simsim. He is destined to be the saviour of everyone. Noone can stop Ali Baba.

Precap- Mustafa says he will destroy his own world and Simsim will also get destroyed along with this world. She screams.

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