Katha Ankahee 16th January 2023 Written Update: Katha accuses Viaan for trapping her

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The episode starts with Katha reaches Chandra’s office and tells that she knows well one day she will impress him that’s why he is agreeing to hire her in his company. She further adds that she is willing to work under him to learn more from him. Chandra stands and points at her back. Katha turns around and gets shocked seeing Viaan there. Viaan stands from his place. Katha stares at Viaan. Chandra tells Katha the importance between the employee and employer’s relationship comparing it to the building’s construction things. He advices Katha to listen to Viaan once. Katha tells Chandra that he put her in an helpless situation but Chandra advices her to listen once to Viaan then leaves the room.

Viaan tells Katha that he made mistakes and he wants to rectify it all so he made this one last mistake by using Chandra sir. Katha taunts him and tells him that he makes her feel that she is trapped by him. Viaan pleads with her to listen to him once and says he is not who she thinks about him. He says human makes mistakes which makes them more mistake. He then gets furious at Katha for using degraded words. Viaan also says that he is confused how everything went wrong between them. Katha says it’s not her duty to help him get a cleared mind and says she don’t want his job if he follows her then she will create a scene then leave. Viaan asks Katha why did she came to hotel that night and he knows she isn’t one of them who is a greedy woman. Katha closes the door and looks at him. Viaan then tells her whatever he learnt about then questions why did she came to the hotel that night and asks her why did she accepted his offer and he wants to know what she did with that money. He also says he wants to know the reason or else he will repeat how many mistakes he will do and regrets his actions also promises not to repeat.

Katha asks will they can change anything about that night after he learns what she did with the one crore. If he learns that he will become the old Viaan who is always proud of himself. He is convinced and entitled that he deserves to know the truth. She further adds that she accepted his offer but she isn’t guilty but she is hurt and asks him to look at himself. Viaan tries to tell her about his intention to put forth such condition but Katha interrupts and tells him that he wants to become a guilt free man that’s why he is demanding an answer from her but she won’t tell him anything so asks him to live with this guilt then leaves the room.

Katha returns to the room to take her bag. Viaan gets hopeful. Katha tells him to use the time he is given to prepare what he is going to give as an answer to God for his doings then leaves the place. Other side Kavita is reading her book. Kailash enters the room and pleads with Kavita to look at him and apologises to her. He also adds that he is unable to sleep also he knows she also have struggle sleeping. He then tells Kavita about a man and woman different perspectives. He also pleads her to listen to him once. Kavita agrees which makes Kailash happy. Kailash sits beside her and tells her that he not even realised the choice of words they use can held such bitterness which hurt other’s who is around them. Kavita tells him it’s not about the words he uses but what he actually thinks. Kailash blames his mother who gave him bitter foods in childhood that made him this way. Kavita asks him to meet his grandson Aarav for once and she is sure the bitterness in his life will fade away. Kailash looks on.

Kailash tells Kavita that he put everything behind and tried to reconcile his relationship with Katha and Aarav but Katha taunted him back and asks is this how Katha talks to an elder? Kavita says yes and reminds him that he was the one who refused to help her when she was in a desperate situation to save Aarav. She further adds that they have be thankful and proud of Katha for saved Aarav who is their late son’s son. All they have to do is make up to the time they missed with Aarav. Kailash looks on. Other side Viaan reaches the temple. He cleans the footwears of the people’s who comes to temple. He then goes and sits aside in a temple. Baba Ji arrives there and gives him a glass of water also inquires him about his worry. Viaan asks him is he a bad person? Baba Ji says he doesn’t know but he is glad Viaan is asking this question this earlier as most of the people doesn’t. He further tells Viaan if he prayed to God and did the services with the whole heart and waits patiently then he will definitely gets an answer for his questions then leaves the place. Viaan stares ahead.

Katha receives a call from Ehsan and the latter thanks her for answering the calls. He also tells her he isn’t aware about what happened between her and Viaan in Dubai as Viaan even refuses to tell him too also he won’t talk to her anything related to the company so pleads her to meet him as they are friends and asks is she is upset with him too? Katha tells him she isn’t upset with him also refuses to meet him. Ehsan persuades her so Katha ends up agreeing to meet him but tells Ehsan she will inform him when and where to meet also asks not to bring Viaan with him. Ehsan obliges. Viaan arrives to office. Ehsan tells Viaan that he is going to meet Katha as he wants her around his personal life also clarifies that he didn’t took Katha’s address from the admin team and he talked to Katha over the phone call. He then leaves the place. Viaan gets sad and looks on.

Precap: Kavita tells Kailash that for her birthday she wants her entire family to be with her by her side and pleads with Kailash to use this opportunity to learn about Aarav and Katha. Reet and Yuvraj gets shocked and worried. Later Viaan’s mother informs him about Kavita’s birthday party invite meanwhile Aarav reminds Katha about the promise she made to Kavita and asks her to get ready. Other side Viaan agrees to go to Kavita’s birthday party as his mother’s and Farah’s plus one.

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