Ali Baba- Dastaan-e-Kabul 16th September 2022 Written Update: Mariam’s hand gets burnt

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ali telling Khusro that the thief is a girl. He indirectly tells Khusro that the thief is Sehzaadi. He and Khusro get excited. Ali feels guilty that he called Sehzaadi as thief etc. Khusro says why Sehzaadi was in disguise then. Ali says she probably heard their talk and Khusro says she was the one maybe who ate their naan secretly. Ali says he was close to the 1000 coins but he failed to get it. He asks the beggar again about Sehzaadi’s whereabouts, the latter says some men caught her. Ali and Khusro assume that Mariam might be trapped with the slaves. Ali says they have to go to save her from those men.

Mariam gets scared seeing the torture of the slaves. Khurram beats them in inhuman way, Mariam tells him to not torture them. Khurram scolds her and she falls down. Mariam recalls Daijaan’s words that she has to hide her royal mark. Mariam burns the sign on her hand and bears the pain. She is taken to Baizaad. Khurram says she looks beautiful, Baizaad says but they can’t identify her as her hand got burnt. But they have to inform Saddam to identify this girl. They plan to sell the slaves including Mariam. He gives the message to Saddam through Yajood. Saddam gets the news that Sehzaadi got caught by Baizaad.

Saddam says but he has to get her anyhow. He decides to call for a gathering named as Zumma Bazaar where not only the slaves will be sold but there the Kabul people will pay respect to their new Sultan too. He says before that he will convince Simsim. He tries to impress her with his words and the latter chokes him in anger. She says she doesn’t need his lecture but wants the Talisman. Saddam convinces her saying he wants to call a gathering if the thieves don’t attack the Kabul people for sometime. There Sehzaadi will be present along with the slaves and she can take her from there. Simsim gets convinced and says she will send her thieves too. Saddam has to make people believe that thieves won’t attack them during daytime. Simsim thinks after she gets the Talisman she will destroy the whole Kabul.

Saddam says once he identifies Mariam in Zumma Bazaar he will handover her to Simsim and then he doesn’t care what the thieves will do to Kabul. Saddam sends the fake message to Yajood through a pigeon stating the thieves only come out to attack Kabul people at night. Yajood spreads the message to everyone through a messenger. They also announce for the Zumma Bazaar, where Sultan will come to meet them. Everyone gets surprised thinking new Sultan cares for everyone a lot. Ali ovehears that Zorabar is planning to get close to Sehzaadi in the Bazaar. Ali says he won’t let him succeed. He plans with Khusro how to find her to get the reward. Nazia provokes Kasim to attend the Zumma Bazaar to meet Saddam. Saddam may give him coins for the orphans. They will get rich after getting so many coins from Ali, Musa and Saddam. Kasim thinks his perfumes will be in danger.

Darakaazi hears everything and says it must be a trap of Saddam to reach Mariam. He won’t let him reach her. He will save Sehzaadi. There Simsim orders the thieves to go to the Bazaar where Mariam will be present with the gem. Ali and Zorabar give hateful stare to each other. Mariam gets worried hearing about going to the bazaar for being sold. She thinks she can’t get saved from Saddam if she visits the Bazaar. She thinks about a way out.

Precap- Ali looks for the royal mark on the ladies’ hands in Zumma Bazaar. There Darakaazi searches for Sehzaadi and thieves are also looking for her.

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