Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th September 2022 Written Update: Priya oversmarts Nandini and Vedika!

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Krish confronts Vedika about where she is going? Krish says I know why are you here, you don’t have any emotions right? Vedika says you should ask Priya why she kept Pihu away from Ram, Ram is just doing what Priya did years ago, now what is happening is Priya’s karmas. Krish says you are talking about Karmas? It doesn’t suit you, just remember if anything happens to Priya or Pihu then none of you will be spared. Vedika says why are you getting angry at me? Priya cleared to me that she wants me away from Pihu. Krish says better understand it.


Here, Ram comes to room and thinks how has Pihu reacted? Priya comes and says Pihu slept as she was tired. Priya thinks is Ram acting? I can’t tell him about my motive. Ram says tell me what are you planning? How to tell Pihu? Priya says let’s tell Pihu tomorrow? Ram says yes take care, how is your hand? Take care. Ram goes. Priya thinks you care for my wounds but not about my pain in making Pihu go away from me. Priya comes to Pihu. Pihu says Ram believed that I am sleeping? Priya says yes it’s part of our adventure. Pihu says what if he never finds us? Priya says he will be able to, go and wash up. Pihu goes. Priya thinks I am sorry Pihu I am not only making you go away from your father but I am lying to you, I don’t feel good about this.

Here, Ram comes and tells Shubham that they need to postpone the announcement. Shubham says I am going to meet the client at airport, as your plans are cancelled so you can accompany me. Ram thinks it’s good that I work and go with Shubham. Later, Priya takes Pihu with a bag and sneaks out. Ram feels someone was in the hall but ignores it. Priya is about to leave when she sees Shubham and Ram in the parking she waits for them to go. Pihu tells Priya that she is not feeling good that they are going without telling Ram. As Ram and Shubham are not leaving from parking so Priya takes Pihu inside.

Nandini and Vedika discuss how soon Ram and Priya will be separated forever. Sometime later, Vedika calls Shubham and asks him to come back. Ram takes the call from Shubham and hears Vedika say that a big blunder has happened. Ram says we are coming. Nandini comes to Priya’s room and is shocked to see Priya and Pihu. Nandini thinks Priya was supposed to go away what is she doing here? Nandini goes. Priya thinks I was going to do the same mistake again which I did years ago, thanks to Pihu I realised I can’t go without telling Ram. Pihu says for the first time I didn’t want to go to this adventure. Priya says we will never go in this adventure. Pihu dresses up like Priya and says I am Miss Sood, I am strong, I am brave. Priya thinks Pihu is right. Priya promises Pihu that now on they will go on each adventure with Ram. Pihu hugs Priya.

Here, Nandini and Vedika worry thinking about how Ram is coming back and our plan will back fire on us only. Vedika says Ram knows something is wrong and he might ask questions when he returns. Ram comes and asks Vedika what is the matter? Vedika is silent. Nandini thinks to make it about her health but Ram says it can’t be about your health as I gave you the medicines before visarjan. Priya comes and says I will tell you. Priya says I had a fight with Vedika about how she went to a child custody lawyer.

 Ram gets angry and asks questions from Vedika. Vedika says Priya is twisting it all, I went there as I saw this visiting card and I got to know Priya is hiring the lawyer through Krish. Priya says so you found that visiting card from me? Vedika says no. Priya says I will tell you the source. Priya calls Sandy. Sandy says how she got the card from a file given by Shubham and he said Ram wanted it. Shubham says Vedika asked me to get it for you, I thought you talked to her. Vedika is shocked. Priya says I have got Krish and lawyer here as well. Krish comes and says how he went to lawyer to check what Sandy said and he got to know Ram filled for sole custody. Ram says but I went to open a trust in Pihu’s name. Lawyer says but Vedika came and said you want sole custody of Pihu. Ram thinks so this is why Priya was behaving odd. Nandini says you did right Vedika. Ram gets shocked. Nandini says by this only we will have legal rights. Priya says no, Ram you know we both love Pihu we can’t make her go through this. Ram looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram and Priya get drunk together and spend some quality time together.

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