Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 27th October 2022 Written Update: Fatima gets into an argument with Ali

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 27th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Simsim telling the thieves that it’s not that easy to learn about Iblis’s story. Simsim says the devil said they have to sacrifice that person Iblis loves the most. Then only she will get to know the story of Iblis. She says she is ready to do it. Another thief informs Simsim that he caught a wrong person who doesn’t know magic. She tells him to use black magic to find the real magician as soon as possible. Fatima notices Ali is coming inside and she thinks he will learn about her mother’s act so she can’t let him come in. She hugs Ali all of a sudden and says she can’t be mad at him for long but she loves him a lot. She takes him outside and Fatima’s mother makes her husband sick. The thief hypnotizes two kids. Fatima tells Ali that he can only carry her father’s dead body now as he is refusing to show magic. Ali says he will be fine. She remains adamant.

The kidnapped kids’ parents start crying for their disappearance. Ali asks them what happened? He learns those kids are blind and one of them can’t walk then why would they disappear on their own. Ali’s kids decide to throw Mariam out of the house. They think of informing Nazia about Mariam’s presence. Imad says then what will happen to Mariam, where will she go? Nafi says Mariam is doing wrong activities here so they can’t allow her to stay. They make a plan to throw her out. The thief brings back the two kids to their parents. They happily meet them and they don’t look disabled at all. Ali wonders why these kids are not disabled anymore. The thief recalls how he applied black magic on those kids and made two lookalike boys. He thinks to use them to find the Talisman. He says he will make a team of such boys who will help him succeed in his mission.

Ali questions the thief what kind of medicine he gave to the children, thief replies he cured them with magic. Ali says that’s not possible, magic doesn’t exist. The thief lies that he is relative of Mirwaiz and he is here to treat people in absence of him. Thief thinks Ali can’t be a magician as he doesn’t believe in that. Kasim thinks it’s a new way to earn money. Ali is stupid why he doesnt beleive in magic when his father was a magician. Fatima says why Ali doesn’t believe in himself. Ali says he will expose the person as he is lying for sure.

Fatima argues with Ali saying the doctor cured the kids with magic and Ali should trust him. Ali says he is cheating on them and he will get to know that soon. Fatima says before he exposes that she won’t see his face. She leaves and Ali feels why Fatima is behaving so strange nowadays. He says something is not right. Kids take Mariam to the place she wants to meet her people. Kids try to scare Mariam showing her fake snake. Mariam screams in fear and Nazia catches her red handed. Nazia and Kasim ask her who’s she? What she is doing here? Nazia says Mariam must be a thief and she stole the blankets only. Ali arrives and gets shocked to see all of that. Nazia says she will put Mariam in prison. Ali says he knows Mariam which shocks Nazia. Nazia asks him why he hid Mariam here? Who is she? He remains silent.

Precap- Zorawar follows Mariam to see who is she. Mariam tries to find Daragazi and Saddam scolds Yuzud.

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