Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 28th October 2022 Written Update: Ali gets suspicious seeing the possessed kids

Ali Baba- Dastaan-e- Kabul 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nazia questioning Ali why the hell did he hide about Mariam. If she is his lover. Ali says he only loves Fatima, not anyone else. He says he wanted to lesser Nazia’s burden so he brought a maid for her. Mariam gets shocked hearing that and thinks she is princess but Ali is treating her like a maid. Kasim says who will give her salary then. Ali says he doesn’t need to worry about that, he will manage and Ali explains Marjina will do all the household chores and will bring water, make tea etc. Mariam gets offended. Nazia says she will check Mariam is doing her work properly or not. Mariam questions Ali why did he insult her like that. He says Nazia was getting mad at him so he had no option but lying. Nazia tells Mariam to sweep the area. Mariam then tells Ali to bear the consequences as he only brought this trouble. Mariam reveals there were many caretakers in her house. Ali gets suspicious and Mariam makes excuses.


Ali starts sweeping the area and gets irked. Kids think that Ali got trapped because of them. Mariam gives back the fake snake to the kids and they get annoyed. Kasim asks the thief what special magic he applied on the kids. Kasim gives him an offer to earn the profit. Thief says he will give him the profit but he will treat the kids in returns. He asks Kasim to bring more kids to him. Kasim gets happy to know that and says he will do what the latte said. Thief thinks he is a fool and he will find Poya by this tactics. Mariam gets worried thinking she has to find Daragazi to find Saddam. Ali thinks he is doing her work but still why she looks tensed. He asks her whats the matter. She replies she wants to find her people fast. He says but before everything she has to bring smile on her face. Without being happy she can’t do any work. Nazia comes and Ali passes the broom to Mariam.

Mariam holds it and Nazia says only cleaning can’t define her dedication in work. But she has to wake her up from sleep. Mariam says now Ali should take this responsibility as well. Ali gets irritated and says he welcomed trouble by making her a maid. Mariam roams in market and Zorawar follows her. Imad pours some flour on Zorawar from up and he gets angry. He asks her how dare he does that to him. He shouldn’t have let him go that day. Zorawar recalls Imad is his father’s illicit child. In order to disown him from his property his father gave Imad to Zorawar. Zorawar couldn’t kill him and left him near the orphanage. Zorawar says on right time he will kill Imad.

Kasim manipulates the kids and tells them not to take risk while playing. His concern surprises the kids. He says he knows the doctor who will treat them for free. He calls for Gulrez too but Alifi says they should ask Ali before going to the new doctor. Kasim says no need to ask him. The thief’s possessed kids look for the Talisman. Ali goes to talk to them. The kid tries to search his cloth to see the Talisman. Ali suspects his action and asks him about his grandmother. The kid says she is good but Ali says she is dead then how is she fine. Another possessed kid comes makes some weird nose. Ali gets surprised even more and thinks the new doctor surely did something wrong to them. Kasim brings kids to the thief and he gets happy to see them. He finds Poya in between them and thinks finally he caught him. Thief decides to possess them all.

Precap- Thief tortures Poya and the latter is scared. Ali comes to his rescue. Saddam warns Yazud and tells him to find Mariam. She sees Saddam and gets shocked.

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