Saavi Ki Savaari 29th October 2022 Written Update: Saavi learns about Sonam’s wrong deeds

Saavi Ki Savaari 29th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Saavi tells her auto that she is not understanding what she should do now. She asks that how she is going to arrange money. One guy comes there and asks her that if she is the owner of the auto. She nods at him. He tells her that he has to reach the airport on time. She tells him that she is not on duty now. He tells her that he is not getting transport support due to taxi drivers strike. He requests her to help him. He says that he came for the meeting and his wife in labour right now and no one is beside her. He gets in the auto. She learns that he had a meeting with Nityam. She thinks that Nityam should not know that she dropped his client in the airport.

On the other hand, Nityam wakes up due to nightmares. He sees his father photo. He says that this nightmare will follow him like his shadow. Meanwhile, Saavi drops Nityam’s client in the airport on time. He gives extra money to her for helping him and leaves from there. She thanks God for saving her again.

Next day, Brijesh tells Ratna that she is fine. He asks her to not overthink because that’s increasing her blood pressure. Saavi asks Ratna that what’s bothering her. Ratna says that she was worried that how they will lead a family because Saavi is not earning for them now. Brijesh tells her that it’s Saavi who is standing beside them on their difficult time. Ananya says that if Saavi did not arrange money then anything could have happened. Nutan asks Saavi to not use Dalmia’s money for them. She says that she did not say anything yesterday because it was for emergency. Saavi nods at her. She says that it’s Sonam’s birthday today. Brijesh goes to make sweet dish.

Saavi asks Nutan that if the latter stitched dress for Sonam. Nutan tells her that she did not had time. Saavi says that something is wrong. She asks her that what happened. She says that she know they are hiding something from her. Nutan tells her that Sonam is a liar and Sonam betrayed everyone. Ratna tells Saavi that Sonam exchanged the horoscopes. She informs her about Sonam’s wrong deeds. Nutan tells Saavi that Sonam tried to snatch the latter’s fate. She says that she won’t celebrate Sonam’s birthday.

On the other hand, Girdhar tells Vedika that Nityam will drink evening tea with Saavi’s family. Meanwhile, Saavi says that Sonam would have done that for their sake. She asks Nutan to try to understand Sonam’s intention. Nutan gets disappointed and goes inside. Ratna tells Saavi that Brijesh don’t know the truth.

Saavi asks Sonam to think before taking a decision. She says that she end up in darkness due to Sonam’s decision. Sonam reminds her that the latter got married to rich businessman. Saavi tells her that money can’t bring happiness. She says that she was happy in her small world but now she is stuck in between Goyal family and Dalmia family. She says that it was not her dream and cries.

Episode ends.

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