Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th December 2020 Written Update: Rani’s ‘first rasoi’

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Episodebegins with Rani thinks to call Ramadheer to tell the truth and gets worried thinking what she will tell but can’t hide it to him also so it will be good if she tells to him before he gets to know from someone else and takes the mobile but stops thinking about his dream. She is in dilemma and says how can she tell him that Veer is her husband.

 Pinku calls Rani and asks why she didn’t came to aunt house and says he even had a bad dream. She changes the topic and disconnects the call. She says she can’t even able to answer Pinku’s questions then how she will face her father. Servant informs Rani that Rajmata called her for First Rasoi.

 Rani enters the kitchen, Champa mockingly says she prepared everything for the ritual and if she needs anything then she should not call her and leaves from there. Rani says she doesn’t know cooking then what she is going to do now. She tells Kumud that she can’t do this saying she didn’t wanted all this but she trapped here like this.

Kumud says she need not to worry about anything. Rani says everyone scolds her in this house then why she is talking to her sweetly. Kumud says if Rani did any mistake then she would have scolded her but she knows Rani did nothing wrong and tells her to start the ritual.

Rani says still she didn’t said about her marriage to Ramadheer and says here she is performing rituals but her family doesn’t even know about her marriage and asks why she is getting punished like this. Kumud says its not punishment instead life testing her and says like her its difficult for Rajeshwari and Rajmata too.

Kiara’s mother scolds Veer. Veer says he came to apologize to them. Kiara’s father says they are silent that’s not mean they can’t do anything and was about to throw him out of the house but Kiara stops him. He tells her to not interfere. Kiara says she wants to talkto Veer alone. Her parents goes inside. She apologize to him for her parents behaviour and asks what he wants to say.

 He says he knows that he hurted her but hedidn’t do anything with planning and says he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness still if possible she can forgive him. She says he made fun of her infront of everyone and tells him to leave from there. Kumud helps Rani in kitchen work and teaches her cooking also. She tells her to get ready in the saree Rajmata gave her.

Later Rajmata asks Rani that why she didn’t wear the saree she gave it to her. Rani says she tried but could not wear it and she was getting late also so came to serve the food . Nanthini taunts her. Rajeshwari gives money to her saying they just have owner, servant relationship between them and leaves from there .

Rani says for her its Rajeshwari’s blessings. Rajmata praises the food and blesses her. Dikvijay tells Rajeshwari to eat but she yells at him. She says he can forget his past but she wont. Rani shocks seeing Jay in the house. Veer slaps Jay and asks what is he doing here. Rajeshwari says she is the one who called Jay here.

Episode ends.

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