Bigg Boss Tamil 19th January 2023 Written Update: Reliving the Happy Days

Bigg Boss Tamil 19th January 2023 Written Update on

The show begins with Day 102 at 8.00 am, Morning wake up song plays inside the house. Housemates dancing for the song “Aval mugham Paartha naaniri thadumaarinen”. Money box money raised to 6 lakhs.

At 9.10 am, Amudhavanan shares with Ratchitha that Kathir went out taking 3 lakhs. They are raising double amount. Ratchitha tells him Bigg Boss team may be freeze this money box. Perhaps they will raise the money upto 15 lakhs. It’s better decision to leave the house taking high amount. It’s worth. Amudhavanan tells her that he wants to see the final stage. He won the ticket to Finale. He is already in confused state of mind. He almost gussed how much support receiving from outside. If they raise the amount he will definitely walk out of the house taking the money box.

At 11.30 am, Azeem lays on gate and singing. Dog barks there. Mynaa asks Asal to get up. Asal apologizes to camera. He complaints to camera that he couldn’t sleep hearing his bed mate snoring sound. Amudhavanan isn’t allowing him to sleep at night. Lots of disturbance here. He is accepting this because it’s his last day in the house. He got head pain that is why he slept.

At 11.45 am, Mynaa reading the new task information from Bigg Boss. Task name ” Anbu udalukku aayul athikam”. Housemates entered into the house to live with strangers. They doesn’t know each other. They would have find a personal bond with Someone here. How will they take their relationship out? Did they take anyone love for granted. They wants to share their thoughts with the housemates.

At 11.50 am, Mynaa shares with the housemates that he didn’t wrote letter for her brother Balu. He is her first child. She faced something big in her life. Many badmouthed her. He heard it. But Balu didn’t listened to anything instead he stood for her in her tough times. He advised to her that she has a beautiful life ahead. She shouldn’t waste her tears for undeserving person. She didn’t thank him in any situation. But she wants to thank him here. She couldn’t take care of him. Now she is earning. She will perform his wedding grandly. She advise him to find a girl asap.

Shivin says that she take the love for granted. She wants to mention her mom here. she used to worry about her a lot. Because she troubled her a lot from childhood days. She has the fear with her what will be her next move. Her sister supported her a lot. Her friends are like her family. They have zero expectations from her. She is really proud to mention them here. She is living for them. She asks them to believe her. If she decided to achieve something she will reach there. She assures her family to take care of them.

Maheshwari says that everyone aware of her story. She wants to mention her mom here. She used to argue with her mom. She complained to her manytimes that she isn’t understanding her pain. Those who going out for work will understand her pressure. Once she face the things she is facing daily. She may be understand her stress. But she understood it later it’s hard to sit in home always. Their world is small one. They are always thinking about her. She didn’t spend enough time with her. Hereafter she will spend time with her and discuss everything with her. She apologized to her son for sent him to convent. She didn’t sent him there for her happiness. She isn’t running away from her responsibility. But she wants to make him understand that she is giving a disciplined life to him. He wants to lead a happy life. His happiness is important to her. She assures him to spend time with him.

At 12.30 pm, Vickram says that he took journalism in his own wish. His parents and sister didn’t stop him. Instead they supported his decision. He is really proud of them. After a live show he returned to his office. Few groups came there and brok his office things in anger. They threatened him by showing knife to him. It didn’t affected him. But they troubled his innocent parents and sister. He doesn’t want to see his family getting hurt for him. They are innocent peoples. He took this path. He expected his friends in the freeze task. He doesn’t want to show his parents to this media. He has a fear with him. That’s why he is hiding his parents from media. He is well aware they will be hurt in this place. He strongly believed that his friends to meet him. His sister is a strong one. He didn’t mentioned about her in anywhere. She has good political knowledge. Her name is Tamizharasi. When he entered into the show she was in strike. She is studing in Delhi. He is proud of her.

Amudhavanan says that he really like his brother Bala and Dheena. Bala motivated him manytimes to make him active. When his brother fell down from the terrace. Bala whom supported him and stayed beside him in the hospital. His brother name is Idhayanidhi. Everyone claps for him.

Azeem says that he didn’t take him for granted. But he failed to say thank you to him. He is in his 31. His father is the earning person in his house. Though he didn’t asked him to give single penny to him yet. He asked him manytimes why didn’t he appreciated his acting yet. But he praised him in front of others. His brother is his strength. He always supporting him in his every situation. He believes that he will give that love to him always. He is missing his son Rayan. He is getting only one day to spend with him. He will make him proud one day.

At 1.15 pm, Shanthi praises Azeem for his good speech. He tells her that he has dare to face anything. Shanthi advises him to control his anger. Do meditation and keep Mounavrid. He tells her it’s impossible. His parents informed him that he didn’t speak well in his childhood days. Maheshwari says that she missed to meet him when he was a child.

At 2.15 pm, Bigg Boss announced to the housemates. They shared happiness, anger , Fight and fun here. He is going to play some fun moments here. Housemates gets excited to hear it. Bigg Boss plays the Royal Museum Task fun there. They enjoys the video

Episode end

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