Choti Sarrdarrni 1st August 2020 Written Update: Aditi’s past revealed and Sarabjit tensed

Choti Sarrdarrni 1st August 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with news reporter announcing about Sarabjit involved in scandal. Aditi gets happy hearing the news. News announcer says that Sarabjit involved in 2000 crore scam. His sister gets angry and tries calling the news channel but Sarabjit finds the same news in all the channels. He calms his sister and says that if everyone are saying then they would definitely have some proof and asks her to wait for the function to get over. Harleen panics but Sarabjit calms her saying that they struggled so much to see this day and they can’t let it affect them. He asks everyone to behave normal for two hours till the ceremony gets over. And also he warns them to not inform anything to Meher. Harleen is not convinced yet. Meher is making prasad for Naamkaran ceremony. All the phones starts ringing but Sarabjit asks everyone to switch off all the phones and keep it in silent mode. Servant informs about Dr. Aditi’s entry and Sarabjit leaves to welcome her. Harleen cries over it but her husband asks her to listen to Sarabjit as if she goes against Meher then Sarabjit will get angry.

Aditi comes to mansion and recalls all her past and gets emotional. She recalls the time when she and her mother visited the house for meeting her father. Dadaji dragged Aditi and forcefully makes her sit on a weighing machine. He keeps money on another plate and fills it till it exceeds Aditi’s weight. He insults them and asks them to run away with this money forever. Her mother pleads him to let her meet Aditi’s father and says she doesn’t want any money. She says that she is not well and wants to give the daughter in the family. She says she’s the sister of Sarabjit and Harleen but Dadaji shouts at her to not even compare Aditi with them. She calls Aditi bad blood and throws both cruelly out of the house. Sarabjit greets Aditi with flowers. He takes her inside while Aditi gets emotional.

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Sarabjit thanks Aditi for coming and says that it’s only because of her now the ceremony is happening. He feels grateful towards her. Aditi looks at the picture frame of Dadaji. Sarabjit introduces Dadaji as the most humble and great person he ever met. Aditi recalls the way he threw her out with her mother and fumes. She then notices her father’s picture and Sarabjit calls him his role model. He says that the most richest person in the world is someone who knows to handle relations and keep them in tact. Aditi asks herself whether he himself followed it. Sarabjit introduces Harleen to Aditi.

Harleen greets her hugging and makes her sit. Aditi smirks seeing Sarabjit tensed. Kulwant is discussing with her lawyer about assaulting Ginni. Her lawyer asks her to first confirm whether Ginni filed FIR. He asks her not to worry as even if it happened she doesn’t have any criminal records to prove it. Kulwant recalls killing Manav gets tensed. Lawyer leaves and she thinks of a way to remove the case file. Sarabjit comes to call Meher and she finds him tensed. She asks about it but Sarabjit hides. Meher catches his lie and asks him to confess but Sarabjit makes excuse and leaves with Meher and Baby.

Precap : Manav comes back as Investigation officer Vikram Diwan in Meher’s House.