Gathbandhan 8th August 2019 Written Update:- Dhanak’s investigation and Mai’s punishment for Dhanak

The episode starts with Dhanak getting ready for pooja. Her makeup keeps getting spoiled because of falling water droplets but Raghu comes as a savior. Raghu holds the water droplets in his hand and pretends falling down. Dhanak catches him on time but then realizes him faking his fall and pushes him on the ground. They both share a romantic moment.

Dhanak thanks Raghu for always standing by her side and then she remembers about her talks with Mai about Raghu’s father. She enquires Raghu about Mai and asks if she’s fine. They both share a normal conversation about his father. Mai’s maid overhears it and informs Mai of the same. She just says that Dhanak was having a talk about Raghu’s father but Mai misunderstands it. She thinks Dhanak revealed about his father secretly and decides to punish her. Both Mai and her maid plan something against Dhanak.

Dhanak takes Raghu’s father photo and sends it to her department. She asks them to collect information about the person in the picture. She turns around to find Mai but gets relieved that she didn’t hear her talks. Mai asks her to get ready as time is up for pooja.

Raghu is in need of money and thinks of ways to earn fifteen thousand rupees. Mai lights diya and prays for Raghu and asks him to protect him at any cost. Raghu is worried about collecting money for Dhanak. Raghu’s friends enquire their neighbor about the celebration and she explains about Mangla gaur. His friends ask him not to miss this day as it’s very important and Raghu agrees. Mai asks the maid to be ready to execute their plan.

Raghu enters the venue but is stopped by Dhanak’s sisters as the festival is only for women. After lots of commotion, Dhanak sends them away and closes the door. Raghu secretly gets in through the window without anyone’s notice. Dhanak dances on pinga pinga song and Raghu enjoys it watching hiding. Dhanak gets a phone call and goes to attend who is pulled by her wrist by Raghu. Both share a romantic moment and her phone rings again. She picks up the mobile who informs her that they found the man in the picture who has a change of name now. Dhanak asks them to continue investigating as he’s a very big criminal. She keeps the phone and starts romancing only to be caught by her sisters. They forcefully send Raghu out once again.

Dhanak enjoys dancing when Mai’s maid scatters marbles on the floor. Dhanak’s slips on it and she falls down hitting on her head. Dhanak falls unconscious on the floor while Raghu carries her in his arms. Mai gets happy that she succeeded in stopping their suhagraat once again. Dhanak’s legs are bandaged while Raghu tends to her. Mai arrives there and informs Raghu to stay away from Dhanak till her injury gets healed.

Raghu gets worried and asks Dhanak to take care of her. Raghu leaves to get umbrella as water droplets leaking from the ceiling once again. They both share a romantic moment and once again gets disturbed by a phone call. Dhanak sends off Raghu to reheat the milk and attends the call once he leaves. The police officer informs her that the person whom she asked to enquire is not any criminal but a simple school teacher. Dhanak gets doubtful.

Precap: Dhanak sneaks out breaking her promise for Raghu and Mai sends her maid to have a watch on her.