Imlie 27th January 2021 Written Update: Imlie is discharged from the hospital

Imlie 27th January 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aditya entering the cabin of Imlie and notices all the food boxes are open and spread in places. He gets a picture of Imlie and Meethi framed for her as she was missing her mother. He understands she is sleeping due to medicines and he packs the food items.

Dev is talking to the painting of Meethi and says that I never thought for whom I feel so dearly must be missing me so much from all these years. He asks her to forgive him if possible. Anu comes from behind and says you can talk to your other paintings as well. What is so special about this particular painting?

Dev says to her that I am not in a mood to talk about anything so we can have a chat later? Anu gets angry with him and blames him for having an affair outside. He says to her that you always taunt me like this, Anu says that I got married to you going against my father and it wasn’t me then you will be none. Dev blames her for being full of venom and says that he hates her.

Aditya comes back home and says to his mother I get scolded if I forget any tiffin box at the office and you left the whole bag with stuff in the hospital room. Aparna checks the bag and says this is not mine and whose bag you bought from the hospital and starts to laugh.

Aparna says I don’t know whose boxes you bought here but this is good for us. He says the doctor told me if everything goes fine then Imli will get discharged by tomorrow morning. Aparna sales you are a bad reporter because you are not giving the important headlines and wasting the time slot by speaking up about tiffin boxes. Aditya makes faces when Malini tries to cheer him up and says we are making gourd dishes for dinner and you have to eat.

The next morning Malini is making some plan to welcome Imlie in the house with the family members and Aditya is clueless about the entire development and both of them reached hospital to bring Imlie home. Aditya is not able to understand what is happening when Malini noticed Imlie and starts to laugh.

Imlie is doing puja of all the doctors and nurses and saying thank you for saving her life however the doctors are almost exhausted but still are not speaking up anything else just for the sake of their patient. Aditya goes there and excused them and asked Imlie to sit quietly at a place while he will gather her stuff. She says thank you to him for saving her life while Malini gets happy for the confirmation of party plans at the house. Anu informs Dev about the party and when he hears about Imlie he immediately agrees. Anu thinks why is he feeling so attached to a girl all of a sudden?

Imlie comes back home and notices no members are standing outside and she gets upset. She enters the house and the entire family welcomes her in Pagdandiya style and she gets happy to see everybody is decked up as a villager. She gets happy to see them and laughs to listen to their talking styles.

Precap – Anu creates a huge scene at the Tripathi house and Dev does the unexpected.

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