Imlie 7th February 2022 Written Update: Aryan names the Tripathi house on Imlie

Imlie 7th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie coming to Aryan and talks to him respectfully. She says she needs his favor this time. She will pay the debt by working under him whole life. She will obey him and take his orders but can he pay off the loan? Aryan is about to answer but Aditya enters his house. Aditya claps and asks Imlie that he refused to accept her as his wife so she decided to rule over him and his family.


Aryan replies he is giving chance to Aditya to plead before Imlie for the house papers as she is the owner of the Tripathi house. Imlie gets shocked hearing that. Aditya says he won’t plead before a beggar who got the house because of her boyfriend. She is nothing to him now.

Aryan tells him to leave but Aditya says he will leave from Imlie’s house very soon. Aryan says now Imlie tell her family to live in the house peacefully. Imlie stops Aryan and questions why he did that. A friend cant help another friend by paying off such a huge loan. A boss can’t do this for his employee unless he loves her. She wanted a favour but why he did it without asking her and named the house on her. Why he has problem with Aditya so much. Aryan says buying such small properties are below his status and Aditya doesn’t deserve whatever he got.

He is egoistic and he hurt Imlie for that. Imlie tears the papers saying she will not take his favour. Aryan replies he has the original papers and she can’t give or sell the Tripathi house to anybody till 5 years. Arpita overhears their talk. Imlie says he can’t use her as shield to avenge Aditya. Aryan says he is enough to teach Aditya lesson. He doesn’t have to do that. He leaves.

Aryan gets ready and Arpita tells him to take medicines. Arpita asks him why he lied to Imlie and why he named the house on her. Aryan says what he saw. How Malini was trying to register the house on her name by paying the amount. She wanted to keep Imlie away from her family forever. She told Anu about that on a phone call which he overheard. He paid 6 crores after that and bought the house for Imlie.

He then gives excuses like he can’t lose an good employee like Imlie and Arpita thinks he doesn’t know what he is feeling for Imlie. Malini decorates the Tripathi House and Aparna asks her why she is doing it. Malini says they will get back their house. She gets a call from the agent and learns someone else bought their house and she gets upset.

Aditya reveals Imlie bought the house and her boyfriend gave her the house as a present. He asks Malini for a favour that he wants to stay in her mom’s house with his family for some time. After that he will make some arrangements. Imlie is not a part of their family. Aparna tries to make him understand but in vain.

Precap- Tripathis try to leave their house but Imlie arrives and holds Malini’s suitcase.

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