Imlie 9th November 2022 Written Update: Imlie fails Chini’s plan

Imlie 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Rathores that Atharv forces her to do all household chores. He wakes her up at 4 am. He objects to that saying he doesn’t even wake up at that time. Imlie teases him more and Rathores start laughing. They say to him Imlie is just kidding. Imlie and Arto go to perform the ritual and there Chini thinks to gain everyone’s attention by falling sick. She says she is allergic to lotuses so she will use this chance. Chini starts sneezing after smelling the lotuses. Imlie and Arto are asked to leave their handmark with the aalta.

Chini appears and everyone gets worried for her. Imlie makes her lay in bed saying the latter has become careless about her health. She goes to make tea for Chini. She notices ice cubes and informs all that Chini ate ice and fell sick to avoid going to office. Chini says why Imlie is complaining like that? Imlie says she used to do such tactics in childhood to skip school and now she is taking leaves from office. Imlie says Rathores gave them the right to choose their profession so instead of taking advantage of that, they should respect it.

Imlie says she read the mail Chini received from office that she won’t get salary. Imlie asks Chini to join Arto’s company if she doesn’t want to work here. She should not insult her present job. Chini starts acting that she didnt stop working though she didn’t go to office. She says she wanted to buy a gift for Imlie on her Pathphera. She couldn’t do that so she ate ice out of anger. Imlie hugs her and asks her to take medicine but Chini says her medicine is arrived already. She looks at Arto and smiles. Arto thinks Chini’s mistakes are also cute, he fell in love with her again.

Chini feels jealous seeing Imlie and Arto performing ritual. Imlie tells her to drink kadha and goes to make soup for her. Arto shows concern for Chini, Chini says she wanted to perform the ritual with him so she took the step. Imlie calls her and asks if she will add spinach in the soup. Chini says yes. She keeps the receiver aside, Imlie does the same in hurry. Arto tells Chini that they should not hide the truth anymore, Chini says until she gets her rights from Imlie they can’t get united. Arto says he cant stay away from his love anymore, he also adds Imlie doesn’t seem a bad person fully. Chini notices the receiver and gets shocked thinking Imlie heard everything maybe.

Arto says he doesn’t care, Chini hugs him and says she cant see him without someone else so they can reveal the truth. Imlie comes and says she learned that he doesn’t want her to leave Rathore Mansion today. She hugs him and thanks him for understanding her. He gets surprised. Imlie says she wants to stay back for tonight so they will leave tomorrow. Imlie leaves and Arto asks Chini why she stopped him from telling the truth? Chini says it’s not easy for her too so he should understand her.

Arto gets surprised to know Imlie has kids. Rathores tease him and Imlie later reveals it’s the orphan kids she takes care of and celebrates occasion with them too. Arto gets impressed knowing about that.

Episode ends

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