Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Riddhima puts an end for tear of Laila

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vyom counting till three. Riddhima closes her eyes saying I love you Vansh. Vansh shoots Vyom. He says that he can’t kill Riddhima. The latter runs to Vansh. Vyom says that Vansh can do anything for his family, he can even kill innocent people. Vansh asks if he calls himself innocent. Vyom says that he’s talking about his wife and daughter. He asks if he forget burning them alive. They weren’t his enemies. Vansh asks what rubbish he’s talking. Riddhima says that Vyom thinks he killed his wife and daughter. She asks Vansh to tell it’s all a lie. Vansh says no.

Vyom asks to tell Riddhima that he burned his house and his dreams. Riddhima asks Vansh to tell that he didn’t do this. Vansh asks Riddhima she knows him yet she wants him to answer. Riddhima says that she knows he is innocent. Vyom keeps asking Vansh to tell the truth. Riddhima asks Vansh to tell for their baby. Vyom says Vansh, who killed his daughter, can also make fake swear on his own baby. Vansh shouts shut up.

Vyom shows his daughter’s doll and asks to tell the truth. Vansh admits that he went to Vyom’s house and captivated his wife and his daughter and asked tear of Laila’s whereabouts. He left them when he got to know they don’t know about it. He didn’t even touch them. Vyom says that Vansh is lying. Vansh tortured Madhuri and she told to one of his friend, who informed him later. Vansh says that he did not hurt Madhuri nor touch her. Vyom asks if he did not light Pihu’s candle. Vansh admits he did as Pihu asked him to do so and told her to stay away it else she can get hurt. He can’t harm the kid. Vyom keeps accusing Vansh, but Vansh keeps denies it. Vansh reminds Vyom that he confessed he killed his wife. Vyom says that he lied to him to see guilt in his eyes, but Vansh is expert in lying.

Vansh says that Vyom is lying, he didn’t burn Madhuri and Pihu. Riddhima says to Vyom that he may have a misunderstanding. It’s possible that the candle would have fallen from Pihu’s hand and the house would have catched fire. Vyom says that he can’t trust Vansh. Vansh says that Vyom double crossed him and took the diamond, so he went to his house to enquire. Vyom scolds Vansh and asks to tell Riddhima the truth. Vansh and Vyom start shooting each other. Vansh runs after Vyom.

Vansh’s gun falls down. Vyom points gun at Vansh and asks to return the diamond. Vansh tells Riddhima to not give the diamond. Vyom says that the diamond always belonged to him. Vansh says that the diamond was more important to him than his wife and kid and still he’s behind it. Vyom asks Riddhima to give him the diamond else he will shoot Vansh. Vansh kicks the gun and they start fighting.

Riddhima gets the gun and shouts stop it. She throws the diamond in the air and shoots it shocking Vansh and Vyom. Vyom says that Riddhima did very wrong. He says that he will see her and leaves. Riddhima hugs Vansh. Title track plays in the BG. Vansh breaks the hug. He says that Riddhima doubted him and questioned him in front of Vyom. He asks if she thinks he can kill a child. Riddhima says that she trusts him more than herself, but he can’t tolerate the allegations put on him. She wanted him to clear Vyom’s misunderstanding and they forget their rivalry.

Vansh says that he already told to not interfere in his business. She doesn’t know the hardwork he had put to get that diamond which she broke it. Riddhima says that diamond is a curse, it killed Madhuri and Pihu years ago and today also it could have killed anyone. She had put an end for it. Vansh says that Riddhima spoiled his reputation once again like she did hiding the 6 hours secret from him. Vansh angrily walks away.

Dadi hugs Vansh and says that God herd her prayers, he returned home safe. Ishani says that she’s happy to see him back. Vansh says that all aren’t happy. Dadi asks who isn’t happy. Vansh recalls a childhood memory of Sia and says that she is hiding behind the pilla. He promises to be always behind her to help her to get out of any tough situation. Sia hugs Vansh and cries.

Dadi says that Vansh always keeps the family together and calls of them to have meal together. Riddhima says that he will bring food for him. Vansh says that he’s not hungry. Riddhima also refuses to have food. Vansh reminds Riddhima that Dadi tells that we shouldn’t disrespect food. Sia says that she will bring food for them. Vansh tells to bring Riddhima’s favorite dish lady fingers. Vyom throws all the things away in frustration and says that he will not spare Vansh and Riddhima.

The episode ends.

Precap: Riddhima and Vansh share a romantic moment.

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