Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th February 2020 Written Update: Riddhima shares her doubts on Daima with Vansh

Ishq Mein Marjawan 25th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Riddima following Diama. She thinks that Diama’s behavior is suspicious and decides to find out the truth. Anupriya’s wig comes off. Riddhima asks her to stop before she could picks up her wig. Suddenly Riddhima gets reminder call from the hospital for her appointment for abortion. Riddhima cuts the call and finds none in front of her. She wonders where Daima could go. She is determined to solve this mystery.

Someone is seen chasing Riddhima. The latter shouts Vansh’s name asking him to safe her. The man stabs Riddhima saying this is a gift from Chang. Riddhima dies in Vansh’s arms. Vansh wakes up from his sleep shouting Riddhima. Kabir comes there. He gives him handkerchief to wipe his sweat. Kabir says to Vansh that he should thank him because if he wasn’t there in that building, Riddhima and her child would’ve died. He adds maybe even God wants that he saves them. Vansh wonders why Riddhima hasn’t told him about it.

Kabir advises Vansh that he should take extra care of Riddhima and her child. Vansh snaps at Kabir that he knows to take care of them and asks him not to interfere. He leaves from there. Kabir says one side he will make sure that Chang ruins Vansh’s life and other side he will get closer to Riddhima using her child. He will make Vansh away from Riddhima, his child and this house, then everything will be his including Riddhima.

Vansh confronts Riddhima. He asks why she went to that isolated building. He says nowadays she started hiding many things from him. Riddhima asks what he wants to know. He asks if she got attacked today. Riddhima admits yes and adds that Kabir saved her. Vansh says she should’ve told him this.

Riddhima yells how she can tell him, when he gets angry everytime she tries to talk to him about their baby, he is tensed in his own problems, that he doesn’t have time for her and their child. Vansh asks her what he should do. Riddhima says that she suspects Daima is involved in all this matter including in Rudra’s murder. She tells him about the bracelet. Vansh says if what she’s saying turns to be true, he will not leave Daima alive.

Daima is seen cooking in the kitchen. Riddhima and Vansh go to Daima. Riddhima asks if she was present in the place where Rudra died. Daima denies. Vansh asks to see Daima’s bracelet. Riddhima shows the bracelet piece that she found in the backyard saying the other part is with her. Vansh points his gun at Daima asking her to tell the truth. Riddhima checks Daima and finds out the bracelet.

Anupriya says but her bracelet isn’t broken. Riddhima gets shocked. She says this’s not the bracelet that had fallen in the hall. Anupriya does drama and says if they don’t trust her it’s better she leaves from there. Vansh stops her. He tells Riddhima that she had a misunderstanding. He takes her from there. Daima thinks how she overheard Riddhima and Vansh’s conversation and smirks.

Vansh is wondering who could be the person who has stolen his diamonds. His gun gets fired by mistake. Angre asks what he’s doing, he could get hurt. Vansh says it doesn’t matter as he’s failing in everything nowadays. He asks Angre if he doesn’t think he’s becoming weak. Angre says he never seen such a strong person like him in his life. Riddhima comes there saying she heard a gun firing sound. She notices Vansh’s wound is bleeding.

Angre suggests to call doctor, but Vansh says Riddhima will take care. Angre leaves. Riddhima changes Vansh’s bandage. He asks she didn’t get scared of blood. Riddhima says she learned it from him. He says he’s always with her. She gets emotional and says she feels like he’s not with her since she told him about her pregnancy. She wants to share lot of things with him, but he’s not ready to listen to her. Vansh assures her that he’s with her and asks what she wants to say. When Riddhima starts talking about their child, he stops her asking to talk about something else than this. Riddhima looks on.

The episode ends.

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