Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th September 2020 Written Update: Kabir plans to scare Ridhima

Ishq Mein Marjawan 26th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ridhima sitting in front of dressing table and removing bangles. She looks at the musical box Vansh had gifted her and opens it. She recalls Vansh apologizing to her giving her that gift. She wonders why Vansh was behaving so nicely with him and remembers how he took care of her and showed concern for her. She recalls him saving her life when chandelier was about to fall on her and also when she fell in the suitcase.

She then remembers Vansh giving her his mother’s anklet and their dance. She smiles remembering that. Her smile immediately disappears when she looks at herself in mirror and realizes what she is doing. She gets up and wonders what is happening with her and why she is getting involved in something else instead of finding proves for Ragini.

The next morning, Devraj distributes goodies with goodies and mehendi stickers for the mehendi function. Each bag has names of respective owner on them. He leaves. Ishani likes the idea of mehendi stickers as she will escape from the torture of applying mehendi. Everyone looks at their mehendi stickers excitedly. Devraj looks at Ridhima from a corner with Anupriya and asks the latter to look at Ridhima’s face as Kabir is coming in front of her, very close to her and the old love will replace the new one.

Ridhima applies the sticker on her hand and is shocked to see Kabir’s name getting written on palm. A tear runs on her cheek as she recalls her moments with Kabir and those with Vansh. She thinks she has to remove the name before anyone else sees it. She wipes her tear and walks upstairs. Kabir says that the arrow hit the heart where love for Vansh was growing. He says that he won’t let her easily forget Kabir and her mission. He is willing to make Ridhima keep distance from Vansh. He adds that Ridhima is just a pawn and only her player can play any game, not the pawn. Anupriya chuckles saying that she almost got heart attack. Kabir says that this is just beginning.

Ridhima gets in the washroom and tries removing Kabir’s name from her palm but is struggling with that. Vansh notices that the lights of bathroom is on and goes to check. He knocks at the door. Ridhima turns and gets scared as she didn’t even shut the door. She keeps trying to remove the sticker. Vansh enters the washroom and asks her why she is looking so tensed. She lies that she got allergy from sticker mehendi so she is there to remove it. Vansh says that he should check but she says that she has to keep the hand in water for a while and it will be removed. She asks him to go downstairs and she will come in a while. Vansh leaves. Ridhima manages to remove Kabir’s name from her hand and wonders who knows about her and Kabir.

Ridhima goes downstairs. She thinks that someone in family knows her truth but wonders why nothing happened yet. She wonders if it’s Devraj who knows it all. She goes to Devraj and asks from where the paper bags came. Devraj replies that they came from Delhi and asks whether he didn’t like them. Ridhima says that they are really nice. Devraj leaves. Ridhima thinks that it cannot be a coincidence and wonders if there is something else along with the sticker.

Ridhima goes to check in her paper bag and she finds a note saying that the time to unravel the secret has come and asking her to look above. Ridhima looks upwards and is surprised to see lots of balloons falling down. All ladies are there in the hall and look at the balloons smiling.

Flashback starts. Ridhima and Kabir are in her hostel room. Kabir surprises her making lots of balloons fall from ceiling. He says that there is something else with balloons. Lots of pictures fall too. Ridhima hugs Kabir saying that her surprises are the best. She wishes him happy Valentine’s day. Flashback ends.

Photos starts to fall in the hall too. Ridhima thinks that she must gather all photos before anyone sees them. She starts gathering the photos when Vansh comes there and asks her what she is doing. She stammers and replies that she was gathering all the photos that were falling down before anyone could step on them.

Vansh picks a photo and smiles asking from where she got all the childhood photos of Ishani. Ridhima is relieved seeing Ishani’s photos. Kabir laughs witnessing everything from a corner.

Aryan comes and says that he planned that surprise for Ishani. The latter whispers to him asking if he will work on plan also and hopes it is better than his surprise. Aryan says that she will soon come to know about it too.

Kabir looks at Ridhima and says that this was just a trailer and now he is bringing the real shock for her. Ridhima wonders who is scaring her. Vansh places a hand on Ridhima’s forehead and says that she looks unwell. She says that she is fine and leaves. Vansh wonders why she is behaving so strange suddenly.

Episode ends

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