Kaamnaa 30th May 2022 Written Update: Manav blames himself for Yadhu’s accident.

Kaamnaa 30th May 2022 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with someone about to hit Yadhu with a bike. Sakshi tries saving him but he still gets hit a bit. Sakshi cries holding Yadhu and pleads for help to take him to hospital. Sakshi takes him in auto and the one who attacked him is Anurag. He gets frustrated as everything happened reverse. Vaibhav comes to Manav’s home and waits for him. Sakshi tries calling Manav but he doesn’t pick the call as it was in silent mode. Yashoda notices it all. Sakshi keeps trying but in vain. She cries hard for Yadhu. Vaibhav gets Anurag’s call and thinks that the good news is here. He says that in the process of saving Holkar Industries he lost his son. Sakshi takes him in the hospital in stretcher. She gets frustrated as Manav doesn’t pick up the call. She recalls Path’s accident and cries hard. Vaibhav doesn’t take Anurag’s call.

Manav meets with Vaibhav who mocks him. Manav mocks him back asking him to come next day taking appointment. Vaibhav offers Manav to tie up with Kapoor and have a massive collaboration but Manav turns it down. He calls Yashoda asking for Yadhu but Yashoda says Yadhu didn’t come yet. He calls driver who says that car broke down and he called many times to inform him but he didn’t pick up. Manav searches for his phone and Yashoda brings it removing silent mode. He gets shocked seeing Sakshi’s missed calls. Ayesha comes there rushing saying that Yadhu met with an accident. Manav calls Sakshi who says about Yadhu meeting with accident and in ICU. Manav gets shattered hearing it. He rushes to the hospital.

Akanksha is with Babli who is checking her jewels. She asks for a simple chain but Akanksha says she can’t afford to lose even the smallest bit given her condition. She is not sure of her fate when Vaibhav calls her and informs about Yadhu’s accident. She gets shocked. Driver asks Vaibhav that how could he plan such a terrible thing and is scared of getting caught. Vaibhav warns him that they are not in any contact but Holkar hears it. Manav rushes to ICU and cries seeing Yadhu’s condition. He cries and blames himself for not able to fulfil the responsibility of a father. Holkar says the members of meeting about Yadhu’s condition and postpones the meeting another day. They understands Manav’s situation and leaves.

Akanksha comes rushing to Manav asking about Yadhu. She also cries seeing Yadhu’s condition. Sakshi understands her as a mother. Doctor comes out and says that there’s nothing bad happened to him and got injured just a bit. He says he fainted due to shock. Vaibhav gets disappointed that Yadhu is still alive. Akanksha confirms with doctor about Yadhu’s condition and gets relieved. Doctor permits visitors to meet Yadhu and only two will be permitted at a time. Manav looks confused at Sakshi and Akanksha and Sakshi asks Akanksha to go in. Manav cries seeing Yadhu and Akanksha consoles him. Manav blames himself while Akanksha also asks Manav to atleast realize now that his carelessness is the reason for Yadhu’s condition. She asks him to let go off Yadhu.

Precap : Manav will blame himself for Yadhu’s condition and will ask apologia to Yadhu. Yadhu will say that they should thank Sakshi Mam for saving him and will hold both Manav and Sakshi’s hand together.

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