Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update: Sherlyn complaints about Rakhi to Kareena

Kundali Bhagya 26th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode begins with Preeta tells Sherlyn that if she reveals the truth then it will hurt Luthra’s more than her and she don’t want that to happen that’s why she is ready to compromise with her and she won’t expose her because the latter is Rishabh’s wife and daughter in law of Luthra’s and asks her to promise that the latter won’t try to harm her unborn child again. Sherlyn apologizes to her and tells her that she won’t repeat her mistake and leaves from there. Preeta hopes that atleast now Sherlyn will change.

Kareena and Dadi discuss about Lonavla trip. Dadi tells Preeta that she booked bus so they can enjoy the trip together. Rakhi tells her that Preeta can’t travel in bus. Dadi tells Preeta to consult Doctor about travel. Other side, Sherlyn yells at Prithvi for betraying her and cuts all ties with him saying that he can do whatever he wants because from now on he is just Kritika’s husband for her and she is Rishabh’s wife for him and he can’t convince her this time and disconnects the call.

Sarla packs the ‘laddu’ she prepared for Preeta. Srishti comes out of the room saying that she is ready and tries to take 1 ‘laddu’ but Sarla stops her saying that she specially prepared this for Preeta and her unborn children. Srishti tells her that now she won’t let anyone else eat these except Preeta. Arora’s reaches Luthra mansion.

Sarla tells Preeta that she brought ‘laddu’ for her. Sherlyn comes there. Preeta asks Sarla that why the latter didn’t inform about her arrival. Dadi tells her that she asked Sarla to not tell. Rakhi tells Preeta that they decided to surpise her every day to see smile on her face. Sarla asks Preeta to eat ‘laddu’ regularly. Rakhi asks Sherlyn to bring tea and snacks for Sarla. Sherlyn tells Sameer to ask Girish to prepare tea and snacks for Sarla because she is not feeling well and she don’t want to worry Rakhi by revealing this. Sameer greets Sarla. Rakhi informs Sarla that they are going to Lonavla to attend Karan’s friend Sonakshi’s marriage.

Kareena asks Sherlyn that if the latter is fine. Sherlyn complaints to her about Rakhi. Kareena asks her to not forget that how they used to take care of her when the latter was pregnant and that time Preeta did all the household chores alone and now Preeta is pregnant so the latter need to do works but why the latter overreacting now. She tells her that everyone is happy with Preeta’s pregnancy and her family is her priority and moreover everyone loves her too so the latter need not to think that no one loves her.

Sameer goes to the kitchen. Srishti follows him and informs him that Sherlyn attempted to harm Preeta’s unborn child and asks him to watch Sherlyn in Lonavla. Janki overhears their conversation and goes to scold Sherlyn but Srishti stops her. Janki screams Sherlyn’s name and Sarla asks her that what happened. She tells her that the latter don’t know that what Sherlyn did.

Episode ends.

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