Meet 14th January 2023 Written Update: Abhi wins the wrestling competition

Meet 14th January 2023 Written Update On

The episode starts with Yashoda doing massage to Sarkar. One of Sarkar’s men comes to him and tells him something in his ear. Sarkar signals Yashoda to stop. All the ladies of Sarkar’s house come infront of Sarkar. Sarkar says to the ladies that someone in the house informed Meet that he bought the land from Chatkan 6 months before. Sarkar says it did not go through their usual numbers so he thinks someone is hiding another phone. Sarkar asks if anyone is going to come forward. Sarkar gives the informer 2 days and says if he starts searching and finds out who did it then he will see their end. Meghana apologises to Meet in her heart as she couldn’t message her anymore.

Meet tells Babita and Raj about the factory. Meet notices that Meet Ahlawat’s photo is missing. Meet asks a kid if he saw the photo. The kid says Anganvadi wrestlers took the photo away. Meet asks the kid why did they take the photo. Babita notices Sarkar’s car coming and calls Meet. Mahindra comes to Meet and says he has a message from Sarkar. Mahindra gives his phone to Meet and asks her to talk to Sarkar. Sarkar invites Meet to his home as it is festival. Meet agrees to come to his home. Sarkar shares the good news with Yashoda that her oath is going to come true and asks Yashoda to break her fast. Yashoda says to Sarkar that she will only break her fast after she sees Meet lose with her own eyes. Raj and Babita try to convince Meet to not go to Sarkar’s house. Meet says she needs to go to Sarkar’s house to prove to the woman that they can also stand against Sarkar. Meet decides to take Meet Ahlawat’s photo back from the wrestlers.

A wrestling champion beats the crap out of other wrestlers. The announcer asks the people if there is anyone to challenge the champion. Abhi comes forward and says he will wrestle the champion. Abhi wrestles with the champion. The kid brings Meet to the wrestling competition. Abhi wins over the champion. Abhi throws sand into the air as a celebration. Meet is not able to see Abhi who looks exactly like Meet Ahlawat. Meet asks the kid if he knows where the photo is. The kid shows it to Meet. All the people throw Abhi into the air. Meet takes the photo and leaves from there. The kid notices that Meet is holding Abhi’s bracelet. The kid asks Meet why is she holding his brother’s bracelet. Meet tells the kid to give this bracelet to his brother. Meet leaves from there without seeing Abhi.

The chief guest gives the prize to Abhi. The chief guest asks Abhi for his name. Abhi teases the chief guest. The chief guest asks Abhi what are the qualities of his dream girl. Abhi tells the qualities of his dream girl. At that time Meet is shown to be having not even one quality of Abhi’s dream girl.

There is a celebration in Sarkar’s house. Meet comes to Sarkar’s house. Yashoda sees Meet and recalls the oath she took. Sarkar sees Meet and greets her. Sarkar says to meet that he is very happy that she came and asks Meet to join them. Yashoda takes the plate from Meet and gives it to kid. Meet joins the ladies. After a while, Sarkar comes to Meet and says that she wants to open a factory in their village right. Sarkar says to Meet that she should first know if the ladies here want to work in her factory or not. Meet asks the woman if they want to work in her factory and stand on their own feet.

Episode ends.

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