Udaariyaan 14th January 2023 Written Update: Harleen is determined to distance Ekam from Nehmat

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The episode starts with Harleen calling Nancy, Jasmine’s maid, and asking where Jasmine is. Nancy says that Jasmine went to a party with Harleen’s dad. Harleen bribes Nancy and asks her to hide Jasmine’s passport. Harleen says that Jasmine is stubborn like her and she won’t get peace till she completes her work and she doesn’t want to do it. Harleen recalls Renuka’s words. She says that Ekam is Nehmat’s past while Advait her present. She says that she will never let Nehmat return to Ekam’s life as Ekam is her hero.

Nehmat recalls Shamsher and Neeru’s words. She covers Advait, who is sleeping with a blanket. She thinks that her parents taught her to always try to make a relationship better. So she decides to try to win family members’ heart. Ekam sees Renuka and Harleen making paratha for Ekam. Harleen asks Renuka about Ekam’s likes. Ekam interrupts them and says that he doesn’t like some entering into his house and his life without any reason. Ekam asks Harleen to have the paratha and leave, but she doesn’t need to do anything for him. Harleen asks Ekam to have the paratha first. Ekam stops Harleen and scolds her. He says that he dislikes what she is doing. He gets the watch that Harleen brought for him. Renuka tries to interfere, but he asks her not to interfere. Ekam says that he saved her just because she’s a guest to his country. He asks her not to have any misconceptions, as he loves someone else and can’t think of anyone else than her. He asks Harleen to stop being after him and coming to his house. Ekam leaves

Harleen gets teary eyes to hear this.

Harleen runs out of Ekam’s house crying. She bumps into a guy on her way. She doesn’t stop and leaves. The guy goes to meet Ekam. Ekam is happy to meet Sadvik, who is a friend. Renuka welcomes Sadvik and goes to get paratha for him. Sadvik and Ekam talk about their past moments. Sadvik asks about Harleen. He teases him. Advait says that he saved Harleen and she became his fan. Sadvik asks Ekam when he is going to marry Nehmat. Ekam makes an excuse of an important work and leaves. Sadvik asks Renuka what happened, why he left after hearing Nehmat’s name. Renuka says that he rubbed salt on Ekam’s wound. She says that Ekam didn’t say anything, but she will tell him how Nehmat ruined Ekam’s life.

Nehmat is making Advait’s favorite dishes. Naaz sees this. She video calls Jasmine and complains that Ekam is going with Advait for all the work related to the election. Jasmine says that she stopped all the funds and is confident that soon Advait will come to her to apologize. She adds that she transferred a big amount to Nikhil. Naaz isn’t convinced. She complaints about Nehmat already getting more importance than her in the house. Jasmine assures her that soon Nehmat will be out of Kapoor’s house. Naaz wonders what Jasmine up to.

Renuka tells what all happened in Ekam’s life to Sadvik. She further says that Ekam is still after Nehmat, ignoring Harleen and wants to tell her about Advait’s affair. Renuka says that she doesn’t want Nehmat back into Ekam’s life as she isn’t the right girl for Ekam or this family. Sandvik assures to talk to Ekam about it. Renuka wants Ekam starts living, forgetting Nehmat. Harleen arrives there. She hears this. She promises Renuka that Ekam will definitely start to live again and also with her.

Prince tastes the dishes prepared by Nehmat and praises her. He goes away getting a call. Ekam arrives there and tries to talk to her. But Nehmat refuses to talk to Ekam and asks him to go and wait for Advait as she doesn’t want anyone to see them and create a scene. Ekam stops Nehmat by holding her hand. Ekam urges Nehmat to listen to him as it’s not about them, but Advait. Nehmat says that she doesn’t want to know about it. She says that however Advait is, he is her husband. She asks Ekam to stay away from them and leave. She asks him to stop worrying about her and moves on forgetting her.

Jasmine laments to Sadvik about Ekam scolding her and asks him to talk to Ekam and asks him to move on forgetting his past. He agrees to talk to Ekam about it. Harleen asks Sadvik to convince Ekam to spend time with her. She says that she will tell him what to do for that. She asks deal. Sadvik agrees. She thinks of distancing Ekam from Nehmat before Ekam distances Advait away from Nehmat.

Ekam holds Nehmat’s hand and is about to tell her about Advait’s affair. Neeru sees them and taunts them about secretly romancing. Ekam tries to explain to her it wasn’t the case. Neeru says that everyone is aware of their love story and threatens to tell everyone about their romance. Ekam tries to talk to Neeru. But Nehmat asks Ekam to leave. Ekam silently leaves.

The episode ends.

Precap: Nehmat is shocked to see Advait romancing his GF in their room. Later, she walks out of Kapoor’s house in front of the family. Ekam goes after Nehmat.

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