Parineetii 11th November 2022 Written Update: Babli learns the truth

Parineetii 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet searching for Babli everywhere in the house. She fears that Babli will blabber the truth to everyone. Parineet lighten the diyas. She fails to notice her dhuppatta falls on it. Rajeev noticed her dhuppatta catch fire. He saves her from the fire. Parineet thank him for saving her. She tells him that she didn’t noticed it. Rajeev tells her that there is no formality to thank him for this help. Parineet tells him it’s important to thank him. Because she doesn’t sharing any relationship with him. Babli notice them from far and thinks that Rajeev loves Parineet. Neeti is trying to create issues between them. She wishes to deal this matter. Monty comes there to trouble her. Babli says to him that nothing is going right here. She won’t allow anything to go wrong with Parineet. Monty asks her what’s she trying to say? What was she staring there? Babli asks him to stop stalking her. Monty tells her that he knows beautiful girls then her to stalk. He won’t stalk her. Babli tells him that she doesn’t have time to hear his useless talk and leaves from there.

Monty understands what’s she meant. He thinks that if she opens the mouth then it’s hard to face that consequences. He fears that Babli may reveal the truth to Neeti. Meanwhile, Rajeev asks Parineet to take care of herself. Parineet asks him to stop thinking about her. Monty comes there and says to him that another storm waiting for him. It seems Parineet’s sister Babli learns the truth about him. What if she reveal the truth to Neeti? He suggests Rajeev to talk with Parineet. Onle she is able to stop Babli. He leaves from there. Meanwhile, Parineet noticed Babli and tells her that she wants to say something important to her.

Babli says to Parineet that Neeti is not her friend but her enemy. She is cheating her with her husband. She saw Rajeev romancing with Neeti. Doesn’t she considered her as her sister from childhood then how could she betray her. Babli adds that it’s time to throw her out this house. Parineet pleads with her to don’t do like that. She asks her to swear on her. Babli adds that Parineet wants to make Neeti understand about it instead of taking class to her. Babli says that she is pretending like she know about their relationship earlier. Neeti is her enemy not a friend. Parineet tells her that Rajeev and Neeti doesn’t have any illegal relationship but he married to her. Neeti is his wife. Babli says to her she don’t understand anything.

Parineet clears to her that everything is Rajeev’s mistake. He betrayed both of them. Rajeev doesn’t love her but Neeti. He married her in an unexpected situation. How will she accept this life? He doesn’t have any feelings on her. Parineet shares her grief to Babli. Babli hugs her emotional. Parineet tells her that god will definitely show a correct path to her. She is believing in god. He won’t leave her. She assures Babli that everything will be alright. Bablu thinks that Rajeev will regret decision one day. He will understand that he missed a gem.

Meanwhile, Parminder says to Gurinder that Grandma will kick Neeti out of this house after she learn the truth. She likes Parineet not Neeti. Gurinder tells her that she will forget everything after she see her heir. Grandma asks them whose heir? She feels like they are hiding something from her. Gurinder tries to manage the situation there. Grandma says to her that she need a grand daughter like Parineet. Neeti comes there to talk with Gurinder. She signals her to leave from there. Neeti asks Grandma to join with her to lighten the diya. Grandma asks her doesn’t she married. Where is her husband? Neeti says that she met him already. Grandma says that she didn’t meet anyone then family members. Neeti leaves to bring her husband. Grandma advise them to don’t let her roam freely in our house like that. Gurinder nods to her.

Rajeev searches for Neeti everywhere. He fears that Babli will reveal the truth to them. Neeti comes there to take Rajeev from there to take Grandma’s blessing. She praised Grandma in front of him. Rajeev tries to excuse her but Neeti is adamant to take her blessings. Meanwhile, Babli collides with Simi. Simi starts scolding her for collide with her. Both starts arguing with each other. Monty comes there to solve their issues. He gets stuck inbetween them. He somehow manages to send Simi from there. Babli mocks at him and leaves.

Meanwhile, Neeti takes Rajeev near Grandma. He fears the worst. Servant mistakenly spills the juice on Grandma. She lashes out at him. Rajeev uses that situation and escape from there. Grandma demands the servant to bring coffee for her. Grandma demands Neeti to bring her husband first. She teases her does she married to moon. He is disappearing often. She asks Neeti to bring Parineet and her husband. She wants to bless them together. Neeti asks her does she know Rajeev? Grandma says to her that she likes their jodi Neeti thinks that Parineet met her before her. She confronts Parineet about it. Neeti complaints to Parineet that she didn’t get a time to spend time with Sanju. Parineet asks her to celebrate Diwali with him no one going to stop them. Parineet wishes to do something. She doesn’t wanna ruin Neeti’s Diwali.

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