Parineetii 14th September 2022 Written Update: Gurinder is furious

Parineetii 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parineet hugs Gurinder and takes her blessings. Chandrika hugs her emotional. Parineet about to leave from the house. Rajeev’s mom stop her by saying she shouldn’t leave like that. Rajeev done a sin to Parineet. Even she is accepting it. It’s her duty to make him understand what’s his fault. She might give one chance to her He shouldn’t have betrayed his wife like that.

She shouldn’t leave this house. She will take care of her like own daughter. She has equal rights in this home like Rajeev. Rajeev thinks that what’s mom trying to do? He only loves Neeti. Now his truth is out in front of everyone so he might think about Neeti. Rajeev’s mom tells her that it’s normal to fight between husband and wife.

Parineet questions her which relationship she talking about? They never lead a normal husband and wife relationship yet. She won’t forgive him for his mistake. It’s her decision. She questions Parineet who will leave the house like this? Parineet tells her that no one will dare to stop her. Rajeev’s mom pleads with him to stop her. Parineet opens the door it’s heavy breeze outside. Parineet stares Rajeev emotional. She reminds Rajeev’s betrayal and Gurinder conversation her. Chandrika’s love for her. She gets frustrated thinking about Rajeev’s confession.

Rajeev’s mom stops Parineet again. She asks Parineet to keep it in her mind before she leaving the house. She is giving one more chance to her to take her final decision. Is she really wanna leave this house? She fears that Parineet may leave and they will snatch her house from her. Parineet crossed the door and tells her that she may be got her answer now. She walks away from there taking her luggage.

Rajeev’s mom badmouthing of Parineet in front of Gurinder. She talks with her loud. Gurinder ordered her to lower her voice. It’s her house. No one dared to raise their voice against her in her house. She is the ruined their family name not Parineet. Not only she but also her son. Whatever they done to Parineet is sin. That’s why she stood with Parineet in her decison. If this happened to our family Daughter? Does she ever treated Parineet like her daughter? Rajeev’s mom questions her why is she always Parineeti’s name? Is she only care about her?

Is it wrong Rajeev love someone else or marrying his love? She thought about her and her happiness. Is it wrong to go behind their happiness? Gurinder tells her that she is not against their happiness. But she shouldn’t get happy by setting fire on others happiness. Doesn’t she aware that Rajeev loves Neeti then why did she forced him to marry Parineet? If her child done like that she would have slapped him and kicked him out of the house. She won’t accuse someone else for her mistake. It’s parents duty to guide their kids. Rajeev’s mom thinks that she might think about Parineet now or else she will reach to Barnala. She leaves from there. Rajeev runs behind her.

Parineet thinks that she wouldn’t have forgive Rajeev for his mistake but it’s matter of Neeti’s life and happiness. So she might take this decison. Rajeev tries to convince his mom. She lashes out at Rajeev. She adss that Gurinder is scolding her and thinking about her happiness only. She is not giving heed of her. Rajeev shares with her that whatever she said to her is truth.

There is no lie in it. She asks him then he can confess the truth with Neeti. Rajeev tells her that she is aware both of them done wrong to Parineet. She asks him to talk with Gurinder about it. He tells her that he wants to meet Neeti. He gets a phone call from hospital. His mom throws the phone away reasoning she needs his help. She inquired him where will Parineet go? He tells her may be to her home. Later, Parineet gets a call from Hospital. She gets panic hearing Neeti’s state. She assured to reach there on time. She leaves from there.

Gurinder lashes out at Rajeev’s mom. Simi supports her but she tells her when she go to her in laws she will understand her situation. She demands them to leave from her house. Rajeev pleads with her to don’t throw him out. She demands him to leave Neeti then? She shares with him that Parineet done manythings for his happiness. She risked her life to save him. But Neeti won’t do such things she will definitely leave him.

Episode end

The episode starts with Gurinder advising Parineet that sometimes even their shadows won’t stay with them. Parineet shares with her that she trusts Neeti more than herself. She won’t betray her in any situation. They have been best friends since childhood. Gurinder inquires her what she will do now? Whatever happens today, she will inform her about it. Meanwhile, Neeti tries her best to sneak out of the hospital. The nurse noticed her and said to her she was not allowed to go out. Neeti shares with her that she shouldn’t be able to allow her to go out without discharging. She will inform the doctor about this or else he will scold her. Neeti tells her that her best friend was in some problems. She wanted to meet her friend. The nurse leaves from there to inform the Doctor. Neeti is adamant to meet Parineet, thinking she needs her help.

Later, Parineet shares with Gurinder that she will take decisions in her life hereafter. Gurinder tells her that she is standing between Neeti and Rajeev. Her decision will decide three of their futures. So, she might take a decision after she thinks twice. She asks her to not leave Rajeev. Gurinder adds that she shouldn’t mistake her that she is trying to save her family. She is well aware of Parineet’s love for Rajeev. She loved him from her heart. She made this anniversary arrangement for his happiness. She will make sure they won’t interrupt her life. She apologized to Parineet on behalf of them. Parineet asks her to stop apologizing to her. She is her mom. She shouldn’t apologize to her. Parineet tells her that she has already made her decision and she will say it in front of everyone. Gurinder assures her that she will stand with her and support her. Gurinder asks her to share with her what her decision is.

Meanwhile, Neeti collides with Monty. He inquires her what she is doing here? She inquires him about Sanju? He thinks that he wants to lie about something to save Rajeev. He tells her that his mom has reached home. That’s why he is staying at home. She questions him. Didn’t he say his grandma was coming? He lies to her when he mentions both of them as moms. She tells him that she wants to meet her friend. Neeti feels dizzy. She says to herself that she shouldn’t stop like this. She can help Parineet because she has done many things for her. Later, Parineet asks Gurinder what her decision was if she was in her position? If her husband wishes to stay with her, then she will forgive him. If he promised to stay with her, then she would accept him. Parineet shares with her that she would have thought like that but Neeti is her half sister. How would she betray her? Doesn’t she say to her that we can sacrifice their happiness for our loved ones? But why should she lead a life full of lies? She asks her to go with her. She will announce her decision in front of all.

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