Rajjo 26th October 2022 Written Update: Rajjo feels bad overhearing Arjun’s talk with Chirag

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The episode starts with Pushkar trying to send Rajjo to the terrace on the pretext of finding his watch so that she falls into his trap. But Sia urges Rajjo to make a strawberry milkshake for her. She argues with Pushkar over the same. She takes Rajjo from there. Rajjo prepares the milkshake and gives it to Sis. The latter insists Rajjo have the milkshake with her. Rajjo refuses. Sia understands that Rajjo is also keeping fast. Rajjo admits it and asks Sia not to tell this to anyone, including Arjun. Sia agrees and makes a pinky promise.

Sia asks Rajjo if she can call her aunt. She says that she doesn’t like Urvashi and Rajjo came to their house when she asked God to send a new aunt. She insists Rajjo agree to call her aunt. Swara arrives there and says to Sia not to talk while having a milkshake. Sia says that the juice was very tasty, but Rajjo refused to have it. Rajjo says that her stomach is full and leaves. Swara asks Sia if Rajjo hasn’t eaten anything. Sia signs her to be quiet and says that she made a pinky promise.

Rocky forces Kalindi to have food. Kalindi refuses and reacts angrily. He stops her from leaving. Just then, they both are shocked to see Chirag in front of them. Meanwhile, Rajjo hears Arjun and Sagar’s conversation. Sagar asks Arjun why he is fasting for his fake wife Rajjo. Arjun says that he isn’t doing this for Rajjo. Here, Chirag asks Kalindi why she’s shouting at Rocky. Kalindi says that everyone is irritating her by bringing food in front of her.

Chirag asks Rocky not to disturb Kalindi, who is starving from the beginning. He asks Kalindi to rest. He asks if he should call the spa and book an appointment at home for her. Kalindi refuses and thanks him. Chirag says that everyone blamed him for the accident, but in reality it wasn’t his fault. He says that Kalindi didn’t blame him, but she didn’t support him despite knowing him since they were 18 years old. He says that their relationship has worsened after that incident and he hopes that they will correct their mistakes in the future.

As Arjun and Sagar are talking, Chirag joins them. Arjun blames Rajjo for ruining the family’s happiness. Rajjo feels bad hearing Arjun. She says that Urvashi is responsible for all this, but he feels pity for Urvashi while he is angry with her. Arjun admits that he is angry with Rajjo. He says that he is fasting for his friend and his soon-to-be wife. He walks away.

Arjun sees Rajjo taking diyas towards the side where the Karwa Chauth puja is taking place. He calls out to Rajjo and asks why she’s going there. He argues with her. Rajjo says that she’s tired of making others understand, so she’s trying to keep her distance from him. She walks away. The Thakurs ladies pray to God. The couples get ready for the Karwa Chauth celebration. The husbands put the chunri over their wives’ heads. Madhu asks Arjun to put the chunri over Urvashi’s head. Arjun obliges. The ladies dance. Rajjo decides to celebrate her first Karwa Chauth following the rituals. She takes the vermillion box and leaves from there. Arjun notices this.

Rajjo goes to the godown. She applies the vermillion on the cloth that Arjun threw over her earlier, considering it as Arjun’s shagun for her. Meanwhile, Madhu tells the story of Karwa Chauth to the family members. As Rajjo is wearing the saree to get ready for the Karwa Chauth puja, Arjun arrives there.

The episode ends.

Precap: Rajjo vows to expose Urvashi to Arjun. Urvashi warns Rajjo about the danger. Arjun is shocked to see fire in his room.

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