Saavi Ki Savaari 16th September 2022 Written Update: Nityam badmouthing about Saavi

Saavi Ki Sawaari 16th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Nityam thinks that he won’t leave Radhe Shyam. Nityam and Saavi reaches Sonam’s college. They goes on different ways to find Radhe Shyam. Shivam spots Saavi and he calls her. Saavi smiles seeing him. He informs her about his engagement. She tells him that her sister got engaged too. She congratulates him. He says that he will show his engagement photos to her. He picks Sonam’s call. Sonam asks him to not show their engagement photos to other people. Nityam tells Saavi that they should do their work. Shivam asks Saavi to come to his marriage and leaves from there.

Nityam feels something after hearing Shivam’s voice. He goes to library. He gets panicked seeing fans. Saavi tells him that she can’t go alone. He recalls the past. She notices the fans. She asks him that what’s his problem with fans. She opens umbrella so he does not see fans. They meets library staff. Nityam tells him that he want to know everything about Radhe Shyam. Library staff tells him that college management throw Radha Shyam out of the college for blackmailing students. He says that now no one knows about Radhe Shyam. They leaves the college.

Saavi asks Nityam that why he spent this much money to find out Radhe Shyam when he taunted her for 2000 rupees. Nityam tells her that Sonam is his future wife and nothing matters for him in front of his family. She thinks that he is good at heart and he will keep Sonam happy. She reminds him about window deal. She asks him that what are they going to do with Radhe Shyam. He tells her that only he will do whatever he has to do from now on. Vedika calls Nityam and asks him that why he did not went to office today. Saavi talks to someone on a call. Vedika misunderstands that Nityam went for long drive with Sonam. Nityam warns Saavi to not utter a word until he drops her in the police station.

Debtor notices Saavi’s auto outside the police station. He gets shocked seeing Saavi getting out of the car. He tells her to not forget the agreement. He reminds her that her auto belongs to him if she can’t pay her debt on time then. On the other hand, Himesh asks Dimpy that how can she say that Sonam is having an affair just by seeing few photos. Dimpy tells him that she noticed Sonam’s expressions. She notices that Kavitha’s account got deleted. She tells him that Sonam proved that her doubt is right. She says that she has to find out Shivam.

Nityam visits Saavi’s house. Sonam wonders that if Nityam got to know about horoscope. Saavi comes there. Nityam tells Sonam that he want to talk to her alone. Sonam takes him upstairs. He tells her that that becoming Mrs. Dalmia is not just a privilege but huge responsibility too. She tells him that she knows that. He asks her that who is Radhe Shyam. She asks him that how he knows about Radhe Shyam. He tells her that Saavi visited police station to give complaint. He says that he would have faced loss in business if media got to know about that then.

He says that he was about to cancel the marriage because of Saavi. Sonam apologizes to him. She tells him that she did not told Saavi to go to police station. She says that she just shared her problem with Saavi. He asks her that why she did not share her problem with him. Nutan tells Saavi to give tea and snacks to Nityam. Sonam tells Nityam that she is not like Saavi. Nityam badmouth about Saavi. Saavi gets angry hearing him.

Episode ends.

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