Saavi Ki Savaari 19th January 2023 Written Update: Himesh and Thasvi misunderstands Saavi

Saavi Ki Savaari 19th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Thasvi asks Saavi about Priest. Saavi tells her that he is on the way. She says that she will buy vermilion and moves from there. She calls Nityam but no response from other side so she sends voice message to him. She buys vermilion and talks to Priest on a call. She tells Thasvi that Priest will come within 30 minutes. Thasvi thanks her for understanding her love. Himesh shows everything to Nityam. He tells him that he failed to become good son but he tried to become good father always. He asks him that why the latter is coming in between father and daughter. Nityam tells him that he is coming there. Himesh tells him that he will handle his daughter’s life and disconnects the call. Nityam says that he never thought Saavi will stoop this low to get revenge on him. He adds that he won’t stay silent because Saavi crossed all the limits today.

Himesh throws the marriage garlands. Saavi tells him that she is glad he came. Thasvi says that she don’t want Himesh to attend her marriage. Saavi tells her that marriage is not going to happen today. Meanwhile, Nityam notices Gullu.

On the other hand, Sonam picks Nutan’s call and tells her that interview went well. She gets shocked seeing Shivam in her house. Shivam tells her that she got escaped after troubling him and Krishna. She tells him that she did nothing with Krishna and Krishna must have lied to the latter. He asks her to accept the truth because both of them know the truth. He tells her that he is ready to give one more chance to their relationship.

Himesh scolds Saavi for making arrangements for Thasvi’s marriage. Saavi tells him that she did that to stop Thasvi. She says that she was waiting for Nityam’s arrival. Thasvi asks her that what the latter is saying. Saavi apologizes to her for lying and says that she did not wanted Thasvi to take wrong decision. Dimpy says that Saavi is playing with everyone. Saavi tells her that she did drama because she can’t let Thasvi’s marriage happen with Tushar. She tells Himesh that she did everything to stop Thasvi.

Sonam reminds Shivam that he broke up with her. She asks him that why he did not expose her when he know the truth and she deserves punishment. He tells her that no one can love her more than him so he is ready to forgive her. He says that final decision is Sonam’s and leaves from there.

Tushar tells Thasvi that he already told her family won’t accept him. Himesh offers 10 lakhs rupees to Tushar to leave Thasvi. Tushar agrees to accept the money. Thasvi slaps him. Dimpy notices the bracelet which fell from Tushar’s pocket. She says that this bracelet belongs to Saavi. Tushar apologizes to Saavi and leaves from there. Himesh scolds Saavi for playing game with Thasvi. Saavi tells him that he misunderstood her. He tells her that she did all this to take revenge on him. He tells Dimpy to wait with Thasvi in the car.

Nityam pays the credit which Saavi took from Gullu. He tells Gullu to throw Saavi’s auto in junkyard.

Episode ends.

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